Have you been in a relationship for a long time, do you have a daily "language of love" with the other half? Do you know that we often forget to express our love and let each other a little lost? These 50 little things that make him feel cared, take notes now!

Do you feel that way, too? After a long relationship with your other half, or after you get married, you know you have feelings for each other, but you often feel insecure. Does he not love me today? He seems to have seen me very little lately? You quietly remember in the heart, think may be more thought, but always depressed.

Honey, it's not really true that you feel. Steven Stosny, a psychotherapist, explains that we weren't born to know how to maintain a close relationship between the two. We come to our relationship with the illusion of a brain from early childhood -- when you cry, you express your needs, and you are satisfied -- that you learn to do something in one direction, not in two directions. Therefore, at this moment, we will need more practical action to express our love, to feel each other's needs, to build the language of love between each other.

People will only tell you how good the intimacy is and how wonderful the love is, but few people tell you that these things are all needed by all kinds of daily, you do every day, say every day, step by step slowly accumulate. In this regard, the psychotherapist and relationship counselor suggests that we can do the little things we do with our partner every day to rediscover the relationship between love and being loved:

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Six weeks, 50 little things, to make him feel you again.

Steven Stosny notes that to improve relationships dominated by the brains of young children, it takes us about six weeks to practice and develop adult brain habits, i.e. improve, appreciate, link and protect.

In addition, psychotherapist Jazmin Moral says that when we can really be seen, heard and understood by our partner, we can feel loved. When I need you, I can find you, I know you are focused, I feel you can always try to respond to my needs. At this moment, you are building a close link between each other.

In this regard, I want to give you 50 little things you can do every day, no need to boast of the romantic declaration, as long as you remember every day, you can make the other half feel loved and valued:

1. Buy a surprise gift for him outside of special holidays and special occasions

2. Try making the dish for him at home that he once remembered in a restaurant

3. Say "thank you" for every little thing he's done to you

4. Kiss each other before going out every day and say, "Go to work today and cheer up"

5. After he came home from a hard day at work, give him the certainty that you are doing well today

6. During the lunch break, call him and say "I love you"

7. Or plan a surprise lunch date

8. Write a "I love you" note, hidden in his wallet or pocket

9. Prepare breakfast for the other person and place it by the bed (or the table he passes before he goes out)

10. Holding his hand in public

11. Apologize to him immediately after making a mistake

12. Try to give in first in the dispute with each other

13. Go to some classes and workshops together

14. Massage your partner's legs

15. When he fell into the low ebb of his life, he was given his own personal space

16. Let him know that you won't be criticized for doing anything

17. Always say "I love you" all day long

18. Do him a little thing every day that will make his life easier

19. Give him a 20-minute back massage

20. Take a hot bath together and order his favorite fragrance candle, or have a gentle piece of music

21. Read a book together and take turns reading it

22. Try to watch his favorite TV shows with him and be able to participate in them

23. Try an activity that neither of you is familiar with or has never tried before

24. Make breakfast together on holidays

25. Always compliment the other half on his or her dress, new hairstyle or appearance

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26. Join a yoga class for two

27. Share each other's life goals and dreams

28. Set several goals for each other's relationship and future, and possibly the time frame

29. Arrange time to go on holiday together and really finish

30. Lie in bed and do things outside of work, such as watching cartoons and eating potato chips all day

31. Work together as a volunteer

32. Take a walk in a nearby park

33. Drive out, turn off navigation, try adventures and get lost together

34. Blow dry your hair for each other and clean it up

35. Make up for your other half (but maybe don't let him out the door)

36. Ready to prepare his favorite snacks at home

37. When winter comes, warm up the water heater for the other half and have a warm bed

38. Pick each other out of a suit and then wear them out together

39. Buy a couple's pajamas or couple's underwear and sleep together

40. Ride a bicycle together and move at a slow pace

41. Fill his car with oil so he doesn't have to worry every time he goes out

42. Tell him you're sexy

43. Go to his friends' party with each other

44. Decided to go to a movie together and let the other half choose the one he wanted to see

45. Try to ask him what will make them feel romantic, and then secretly prepare

46. Set a secret code for "I love you" and use it in public

47. Compare only the advantages and talents of the other side

48. After having sex, hug each other and dress him

49. Do not use impatient or offensive language when communicating

50. Always use words of encouragement on the other half to let him know that he is supported

Love is a business, but we are often lazy. Every day do not sting to let the other person know that you love him, let him know that you want to be good to him, you can not help but want to do so. Then, we will also between acceptance and pay, experience happiness, and the reasons why they meet each other.