From electric love to sex tape, and asMR, which has been widely discussed in recent years, there is a modern demand for sound. Why can you get excited just listening to the sound? Flirting psychology, for you once demystifying.

Modern love and dating, began to have many new ways, lust flow is not just a shape. Time to the cold December, we can through five senses, let oneself feel loved and warm.

Flirting psychology, want to take you to savor the diversity of contemporary emotional relationships. In fact, regardless of gender, women's consciousness is increasingly raised now, women and men's main object position is no longer fixed, as long as you both agreed and enjoy it, is a great relationship.

Previously, we talked about the dynamics of the mind brought about by "skin contact". If you haven't seen it or want to review it, the portal is for you:

This time, let's talk about the allure of The Voice. Open the sex version of the community website and you can see a number of adult articles with "voice files". And most of the content of the voice, is the version of their own sex process recorded, or masturbating moaning and so on.

You might be curious, just listening to the voice, not seeing the person, can really be exciting? Perhaps sexual fantasy is far more far from what we think (laughs). Since relationships can have all kinds of appearance, so can sexual fantasies. (Same-field reflection:"Maybe like to imagine you more than to get you" electric love psychology: why rely on sound fantasy, more happy? ) )

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Pleasure through hearing has been discussed before. In recent years, the popular "ASMR" for hearing stimulation and enjoyment has even made films on the subject of the theme of the well-known YouTuber Adit, Antoine, Goldfish Brain and others.

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What is ASMR?

What is ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)? Its Chinese is "spontaneous perceptual orgasm reaction", also known as "intracranial orgasm".

Psychology Today, a foreign psychology website, defines it as a physical response. Generally speaking, ASMR experience gives a "pleasant and warm thrill" that usually extends from the scalp to the neck and body.

People who have experienced ASMR say this feeling is often triggered by a "comfortable voice." What is a "comfortable voice"? The answers vary according to each person's preferences, with more common sounds such as "whispering", "turning the book", "stirring jam" and so on.

In fact, ASMR has not been rigorously scientifically proven, but it has been widely discussed in recent years and seems to reveal the need for sound in modern times. For example, if you type "ASMR" on YouTube, you'll run out of a whole bunch of search results, all kinds of sounds or pictures, and you can now try to search!

Notably, Michael J. Breus Ph.D., a clinical psychologist specializing in sleep research, says that the "orgasm response" achieved through ASMR does not necessarily directly equal "orgasm."

"The body will have the intense pleasure (non-sexual pleasure) that comes with it, quick relaxation and calm, and a deep sense of comfort and happiness. 」
"Aoding these physical sare s are powerful feelings of non-sexual pleasure, a rush of the day and calm, and a deep sense of comfort and well-being."
- Michael J. Breus Ph.D.

Sound makes me more moving than touch.

"You touched me / without touching me" - "Milk and Honey." Lulu Kaur.

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Whether it's electric love, sound file, or ASMR, it's really what modern people need for sound.

"The effects of sound attractiveness are stronger than those of physical attraction," said Madeleine A Fug?re, a social psychologist who has long studied the relationship between attraction and emotion. In addition, "the attractiveness of sight and hearing is particularly important when first impressions are made." 」

"Keep wiping your words/wanting to hear them more clearly" - make the right sentences in the wrong idioms. Lin Wanyu.

I long for your body, and before that, your voice has made me move.

In particular, when flirting with others, remember to respect their wishes. If you're not sure what the other person feels or what they think, ask first!