800-word table story, there is no food, will always remind you of a certain memory. Every New Year, grandmother hand-cooked shoots silk meat, in addition to missing, but also to the mother's concern.

In fact, every year new Year's Eve, I most eagerly look forward to is not New Year's Eve, but the New Year's Day, the day is still not bright, we drive on the highway in the early morning, to go back to my mother's hometown Jiayi.

Leaning against the door to look out of the window, the view gradually changed from the city's colorful, into mountains or trees. The destination is Jiayi County Meishan Township, perhaps few people have heard of this place? It was a very small, very local, very local village.

Mother has a hidden smile on her face, after all, the two-year trip home, for her is very rare. Temperatures are usually cold during the New Year, and we know that the grandmother, who is used to getting up early to farm 290km away, may have stood in front of the gas stove, stewing the shoots of silk and chicken soup. (Same-room:Eat and Love Ao's red-burned meat: When this dish appears on the table, they know I'm home)

The shoots of silk meat are a dish that my sister and I like very much.

A pot of golden butter bright shoots silk meat, at first glance to the meat as the main body, in fact, the most let people leave the cheeks and remember, but the shoot silk and sauce.

Shoots are very common, but need to go through a certain amount of effort to refine, only the best taste. First, rinse the shoots with water, put them in water and cook them together until soft. Shoots, sauces, meat, the three to blend moderate, no one takes away anyone's position. "Also, don't be greedy, remember to take the saltiness. My mother said so.

Growing up, I was a kid who loved to eat. A night of boiling crystal-clear white rice, hot air, as long as with delicious marinade or sauce, also do not have to cook or meat, I can eat with relish. For me, the shoots of silk meat are typical of the marinade dishes. My chopsticks rarely in this pot to pick up the meat, but will keep pinching shoots, and for the meal on the brine, just such a simple and simple way to eat, enough to feed me several meals.

A piece of shoot sprigs, in cooking, usually do not take the knife directly cut, so when the clamping, always need to force more force, cut it off. Such a sense of stretch, and miss is very similar to it. Grandma will come back to the mother on this day, specially boiled shoots of silk meat, to mother to eat, but also give us to eat.

Stretching, in addition to missing, there may also be a generation of meaning.

When she was in Taipei, my mother would cook this dish for me and my sister. As soon as you enter the house, you can smell the familiar silk of shoots before you go up the stairs. I didn't ask, but perhaps my mother also by cooking this dish, to miss the grandmother far away from home.

Sometimes i think, my sister and I so love to eat this dish, do you also want to through the shoot silk meat, to establish a link with my mother?

Every year, I most eagerly look forward to, in addition to being able to go home with my mother, there is the forever fragrant meat of shoots at the table.