800-word table story, there is no food, will always remind you of a certain memory. Eat hot sesame soup round, always make people feel happy, even if the person who accompanied you to eat is no longer there, but was hugged feeling, like love, it has not disappeared.

Soup is a kind of food that brings happiness. Thin white skin, always carefully wrapped with sesame filling, bite the moment, warm and hot sesame seeds on the lips and teeth, lips and teeth, I have always felt that it feels very much like a hug.

Be careful, but also because of vulnerability.

When I think about falling in love with H, there's a time I miss very much -- every winter when the temperature drops, we'll be in town looking for dessert shops selling sesame soup. We have walked through the streets of Taipei, to row for half an hour of wine-brewed soup round, but also to Mingming is a noodle stall, but will be before and after the winter solstice affixed with "soup round listed" small shop, or some ice shops wait until the summer, the sign is too late to change, hot-calling soup round has quietly on the table. At that time, it felt as if you had to look for it, they were looming in the details of the city, in the pocket sprubof of lovers, like no one knew the secret.

Sometimes it's too cold for us to take it home. Carrying a bowl of hot soup round, a sloshing through the familiar road, to home, and then snoring and swallowing, mouth are surrounded by sesame, as if worried about the temperature too fast loss, to grasp, a bowl of soup round eating time, or just greedy in those too cold night, do not no one to hold to sleep.

We hugged each other to sleep, then kissed, the room was quiet, H mouth with the smell of sesame and sugar water, slowly sent to my mouth. I'm going to be hot and drowsy, thinking about what we're doing, always quickly, like eating fast, like compensation, and feeding each other as soon as possible so that when you love someone, you have any uneasiness in your heart that can flow out.

I thought, we hold each other, but more like holding ourselves; like a child's earnest, pre-study a home, damp and sleepy, but very soft.

H After leaving, I also did not have the interest of looking for a soup shop. Only whenever winter comes, there are shops and soup round listed paper paste, there are ice shops began to cook a pot and pot of hot food, and some people will continue to stand in front of the long man long dessert shop queue; When it's your turn, you always think you're the most special one.

When the wheel is not before you, you will lose. I watched a round white soup roll in the hot pot, slowly around the sesame scent, without any change of tone. I ordered a bowl, sat down, and remembered that the bowl containing the remaining crumbs was still on the table, and we weren't there, but you knew there was food coming in, something was filling up, safe and safe, and wrapped around myself.

Like love, love has left, but somehow, you will always in this season at this moment, feel that he is still in place, hugging you.

"Contribute your table story"

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