"What's so nice to be adopted by a comrade?" Do you want to be gay, too? The teacher taunted. The insulted little boy, sitting in his seat in fear, was afraid to speak. At this time, there are two little girls in the class immediately see righteous courage, against the teacher. They said, "Everyone is not feeling well, we have to stop this." 」

Try to imagine the situation first. When you see people discriminating against gay people and his social rank is higher than yours, do you choose to stand up for gay friends?

In Utah, two little girls did it. They're Demi and Sophie, who are in fifth grade, and at the moment of the incident, they choose to stand up brave and fight for their classmates.

It goes back to last Thursday. On December 19th a teacher asked students in class who they wanted to thank. Daniel van Amstel, an 11-year-old boy, says:

"I want to thank my father, my family, my dog, and everyone who has been around me in my life. 」
"I am reed for my dad and dad, my family, my dogs and everybody t-i live with now."
- Daniel van Amstel

It turned out that Daniel was about to be adopted by a gay man's family and said he loved them very much.

I didn't expect it, but the teacher was not satisfied with the answer. "What's so nice to be adopted by a gay couple?" she said. Do you want to be gay, too? 」

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"I'm really angry. Later, Daniel said on the television show, "It's not right to insult someone else's family, even if you don't like them." 」

However, Daniel was afraid to contradict her. He feared that no one would adopt him if he got into trouble. So he sat there quietly, at a loss.

At this time, immediately there are two female students see righteous courage, did not hesitate to stand up. Demi and Sophie think they shouldn't sit back and watch. "He sat there quietly, looking scared. Demi said.

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First Sophie, she tried to shift the subject and solve the awkward situation.

"Everyone feels uncomfortable, and I don't want to put up with it, I have to stop it. 」
"All of us were edin and so i dun't want to be any longer in that-time and so i just had to stop it."
- Sophie

Demi went to the principal's room and told the teacher about it.

"Actually, I'm a little afraid to go there (in the principal's room), but I know I'm doing the right thing. 」
I was a bit scare to go in there, butafter i knew i knew i was s s the right thing."
- Demi

The teacher, who made sexist remarks, was immediately fired by the school. In this incident, we see two little girls full of courage and righteousness, no self-defeating, no self-righteous, although a little afraid, still choose to act.

Perhaps they know that they are not only protecting a classmate, but also defending a belief.

Women are not just bystanders, they're problem solvers.

Think about it, if it weren't for the good deeds of two female classmates, the incident might have been so great, and Daniel's anger and sourness would have gone nowhere.

In our growing up, the gender imagination of "girls are weaker than boys (physical or physical) " and "boys want girls" is often instilled. Recall, perhaps boys are often monitor, girls are deputy monitor, perhaps in avoiding ball classes, boys hit girls will be said not face, perhaps to carry heavy things, you heard the teacher said: find a few strong, you a few boys to come.

Always a little girl, always like a small child, always stay in the primary school desk sands, try to move the chair forward, so that the body is crowded between the tables and chairs of the small spacing, very close to the requirements, carefully copy notes from all directions. " Taipei Family, Breaking Girls." Li Pingxuan.

Girls are often encouraged to show weakness, to know the same principle of gentleness, to be able to bear the sound. In this case, we see that women can also be key people who step forward and solve problems.

It's a story that happened on the elementary school campus, and two little girls lead us and see the power of women. You're strong enough, you're brave enough, so you can speak.

Sophie and Demi work together, intentionally or not, to solve Daniel's dilemmas. In fact, they may not think much about the present, is not really able to bring about change, but when they see others have difficulties, they can not bear silence, do not want to turn a blind eye, the best of life for the same care and care.

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Gay family love, no less than heterosexual families

From another point of view, let us also talk about gay families.

Utah, long considered the most conservative state in the country, discriminates against gaypeople in the minority. To change the social climate, or to promote an issue, it always takes time to accumulate into the sea, and eventually drown out discrimination and injustice.

Taiwan's adoption of same-sex marriage in May this year is a good thing for gays to become dependents, but that does not mean that gender equality is a thing of the day. Only when society no longer discriminates can the lives of comrades be truly protected and they can be truly free.

Back in the story, Daniel, an 11-year-old boy who loves his two fathers, can't deny them, no one can say it's not a good home.

"No matter what kind of family you have, it all depends on whether you love them or not. Instead, I love them. 」
"Itisn't matter what family you have. It just matters if you love them or not. And yes, I do love them."
- Daniel

Home is a place where one can live and feel the warmth. And as long as you love it, this family is indestructible.