Kong Liu returned to the big screen in 2019 with "82-year-old Jin Zhiying" after nearly two years in 2016. He confessed on the show that he had had a difficult time.

In May 2016, Kong Liu caused a huge debate in Asia for his film "The Train of corpses", and in 2017 he was quickly cast as a national male god, both at home and abroad, because of the play "Lonely and Brilliant Gods - Ghosts".

However, after the launch of two successful plays, Kong Liu has nearly two years, no more television movies. On December 11th, Li Dongxu admitted that he was feeling a lot of stress and a little low mood, and chose to keep himself at home for a while until this year, when he returned to the big screen with the film "82-year-old Kim Zhiying." (Extended reading: Brave, is allowing yourself to admit injury: The low tide after the golden high-silver talk of ghosts)

This time on the talk show, we see not a man's mood, but how he doubts his own vulnerability.

"Li Dongxu Wants to Be a Talk Show"

After a great round of applause, I began to doubt myself

Li Dongxu asked him on the show, why did he take some time to rest after filming the ghost? Kong Liu replied:

"Actually, I had to rest, not to rest. Because the front is too successful, everyone likes it, no matter where you go are popular, the fans are also a lot. But in fact, I don't feel like I can fully enjoy those moments. 」

Kong Liu from the past to the present, has been recognized as a zero negative evaluation artists, acting no doubt, for social issues also spare no effort initiative. For him, 2016 to 2017 was a year of blessings and loved ones, and these conditions made him wonder: Can I really get that much?

Photo by Dazhi Images (AP)

Perhaps it's hard to imagine why, as a much-loved actor, there are periods of low tide. However, this may be a terrible place, after a huge round of applause, get loved, we take it for granted that everything is satisfied, but then comes with their own doubts, distrust, you suddenly find yourself to go the next step, must be careful; There's no amount of support to make up for it - because everyone puts expectations on you, but they can't afford it.

He began to cringe. In addition to fear, he said, he felt depressed at the time: "Maybe that's all I can take." 」

So in order not to let people see him shrink the look, he locked himself in the home, do not see many people, do not receive too many works, so after two years. Instead of doing nothing in front of the public, he chose to give himself a break and slowly adjust.

Each of us, in our own way, asked for help.

Also because Kong Liu through that difficult period, about the emotional low tide, he also has more insight. When he found his friend Li Dongxu also stayed at home for a month, he smelled the smell, so he always called Li Dongxu, asked him what to do in the evening, want to come out to meet ah?

Photo : "Li Dongxu wants to do a talk show"

"Brother, you know how it feels, don't you? Li Dongxu asked
"Of course I understand. Kong Liu replied.

In "Li Dongxu want to do talk show" program, the two people side by side said their former vulnerability, a word I understand, is enough to comfort each other. Crying a good, wild play is also good, everyone has their own way to relieve and release the pressure of grief. Because of their own walk, so more able to appreciate this low tide.

"Because I've been through it, I'd like to help others when I find out that other people feel the same way. will want to observe very subtle states, even small things. Because, everyone is using their own way, to send out a distress signal. So i feel like I need to take care of the people around you more carefully. 」

Photo by Dazhi Images (AP)

In this world, everyone has their own pain, big or small, and we try to deal with the wound, and we are eager to send out a distress call that others can see. Please do not be afraid to say, do not grit your teeth to close their own support, to the people around you for help; We all have the power to save each other.

And in Kong Liu's speech, we can see how a man to tell his uneasiness and vulnerability, we should also affirm these stories, encourage more people, especially the socially prohibited men, to share their emotions.

The real handsome, is not a single-minded, but know how to seek help and show weakness ah.