2020 Constellation Movement 4th: Peach Blossom. Who will be in the top three of the best constellations in 2020? See what Tang Yuyang says!

2019 is in its final stages and, for better or worse, we're happy we're here together. What will be the difference between the constellations in 2020? Constellation "Peach Flower", let the national teacher Tang Yuyang for you to reveal next year's peach flower transport the first three constellations!

Before you look at Peach Flower, take a look at the other trends in 2020:

Top 3 Scorpio: The Love Switch Is in Your Hands

Tang mentioned that Scorpio is a peach blossom in 2020, but can also be regarded as a "public peach blossom luck", that is, very popular meaning. When Scorpionattends attends a party and make new friends on a 2020 day, there will be a "even if no one is to be electrocuted, others will still be electrocuted." And for such peach blossoms, Tang Yuyang believes that the characteristics of two: First, Scorpio can master whether to have further development, and second, this new object, will make Scorpio feel "eye-opening." (Recommended reading: Girl's Letter to Future Boyfriend: Will Your Love Make Me Grow?) ) )

Top 2 Sagittarius, Pisces: The Most Moving Thing to See


Even if Sagittarius is often regarded as a constellation of love of freedom, but Tang Yuyang believes that, in fact, Sagittarius is very want to settle down, he wants to live a stable and ordinary life, sometimes will feel that a person is very tired, so will hope that there will be a person to live together. Sagittarius may have been a high standard, but now it's enough to meet someone who "can live."

Tang Yuyang also reminded friends who want to chase Sagittarius: in the face of Sagittarius, to remember one thing, called "buy at a low." For example, when he is facing a setback, or when he is in trouble, when he is helped by his hand, it is more useful to chase him than usual. (Recommended reading: Love is no accident!) 36 Psychological Questions About Falling In Love with Strangers)


Career, fortune are in 2020 have a good development of Pisces, in the peach blossom project is also on the list! Tang Yuyang think that Pisces in the new year," "peach blossoms are very strong", but very popular opposite, it represents what kind of people have, sometimes in unexpected occasions, such as pay, shopping and so on. Peach blossoms are possible anytime, anywhere, so with so many options, pups face a hard choice. (Recommended reading: After the age of 30, choosing the right way is more important than choosing the right person)

Top 1 Aries, Virgo: The Bitter Finally Comes


Tang Said: "Virgo in the past few years, to have no love, to love bitterly." I don't think Virgo has no peach blossoms, I just think Virgo's peach blossom luck is very hard. Virgo, which seems to have been struggling emotionally for a while, will change in the new year! Tang stressed that in 2020, in any case, Virgo "will have a conclusion" in terms of feelings. This relationship to go on well, to be even. Finally, there is a result, and that is the most important thing. And those who can go on a good peach blossom, for Virgo will also be "golden peach" Oh! (Recommended reading: Taro Chamb: He and him, the most suitable love outcome? ) )


Recently busy with the career of the Aries, although it seems that there is no emotional/marriage, but in fact, in 2020, Aries's feelings are likely to be found in the career. Tang Yuyang, for example: "For example, when you need to start a business, you meet a designer or an architect when you need to decorate, or when you want to negotiate something, you meet your bosses, or when you go to a public office to find a way or a sponsor, the target is among these people." (Recommended reading: Taiwanese girl's Tokyo workplace notes: Japanese companies support office romances? ) )

In addition to meeting peach blossoms at work, Tang Yuyang believes that the second way of aries is "dating". There will be friends around the Peony want to introduce the new object, that object and their own may not be the same field, but still for Aries to open their eyes. It is recommended that Aries, if you want to get married, and the other side's conditions are also good, you can be considered. Strong and strong together, will be stronger!