"As soon as Christmas comes, the couples on the street are particularly eye-popping. Why do you especially want to fall in love every time you meet a holiday? Let relationship psychology demystify you!

Good night, today is Christmas Eve, tomorrow will usher in Christmas!

Towards the end of the year, there was a joyous atmosphere everywhere. What are your Christmas and New Year's plans? Maybe it's planning to be alone at home and spend a rare leisurely day; maybe it's a family dinner, talking to your family; maybe it's a gift-swapparty party with a friend you haven't seen for a long time; maybe it's a sweet trip with your lover to warm up your feelings.

Walk ingress in the street and watch the bustling lovers, either pulling or hooking each other, leaning on each other. At this time, has been used to being single you, even appeared "good to fall in love" idea.

You think, maybe the atmosphere is catalyzing, right? Or the temperature drops, just want to find someone to hold. (Same-field plus: cold want to hug! Flirting Psychology: Why is "sleeping" more happy than having sex? ) )

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In fact, according to the Psychology Today psychology study, people really want to have intimate relationships because of the holidays. What's going on here? Let's take a look!

Every holiday season, feel "single shame"

Many people are afraid of the stigma of being single, and this feeling is even more pronounced when the festival sits. Since tomorrow is Christmas, let's use Christmas as an example.

First, the bubble of the couple atmosphere

First, set up from the street or shop floor, always remind you: it's Christmas. If you're a student, your school may also have a Christmas tree; if you're an office worker, you can't help complaining about the holiday activities everywhere. When you finally get home, open YouTube to relax, only to find that the movie's theme is almost entirely an exchange of gifts.

You shape a single shadow only, clearly usually feel nothing, but recently feel the way to see the couple, how seems to become particularly much.

Second, the party occasion you can't escape

At the end of the year, taking advantage of the Christmas and New Year atmosphere, we have friends and family to describe the old, all kinds of dinner invitations like snowflakes flying.

Does it feel warm? At least someone is about to meet. However, when you arrive at the party, you find that some people are with you, and the topic at the dinner table is not off who who makes friends with men and women. You suddenly have a little depressed, although with everyone to raise a glass to celebrate the festival, the heart is not inevitable a little empty.

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These two reasons are particularly easy for singles to feel the "single shame", which is why people want to get out of their bills before Christmas.

Snow Globing: As snow melts, love melts

Cosmopolitan, an international magazine, coined a new term called "Snow Globing". Snow Globe refers to snowballs, and Snow Globing is a snowball-like dating state.

Snowball is a dating trend. When Christmas magic works, it leads people to value a relationship more. 」
"Snow-globing" is a dating note trend sdating sdating christmas magic spartners to viewtheir relationship as mor e than real it really ly is.
- "Ko meng bodhan"

Snow Globing and Cuffing Season are not the same.

"Cuffing Season" is straight into the "cuff season", which means that when entering the lower-temperature season such as autumn and winter, people who would otherwise enjoy a single life also want to enter a relationship. (Extended reading: Seasonal love disorder: Why do some people fall in love and always survive the four seasons?) ) )

Snow Globing, on the other hand, is even more short-lived, only appearing around the festival.

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Last Christmas
I gave you your heart I entrust edited my heart to you
But the very next day you gave it away but you abandoned it the next day
Last Christmas. Taylor Swift.

Snow Globing, at first glance, is a bit heartbreaking. This love, as beautiful as snow, also melts fast.

How do we face snow-melting love? When a good time passes, you will be sad, you will miss, but you also know that those good never fade, it once solidly existed.

We don't know which ending is better, but as you move on, you'll always remember that you loved it.

Female Fan Editor Irene

In fact, a brief romance, why not? If you're feeling lonely this winter or holiday, you can try it and get into the attackable, retreating Snow Globing like this. (Face Story:"Single Diary" flirting comfortably, because you don't have to be alone in love)

Of course, if you don't think being single is anything wrong with being alone, it's the best fit for you. After all, the ultimate goal of the festival is to be happy, isn't it?

No matter what your Christmas Eve and Christmas arrangements are, we want to wish you well. Merry Christmas!