Who will be in the top three of the worst constellations in 2020? See what Tang Yuyang says!

2020 is coming, before Tang Yuyang has revealed the career, financial, health and other twelve constellations of luck, this week for you to reveal the peach flower luck. Who will be the most popular and worst constellation in 2020? (First look at the most popular constellation of peach blossoms: next year is expected to take off the single or get married!) 2020 Peach Flower's Most Popular Constellation Top3 Open )

Countdown Top 3 Libra: Peach Blossoms, but Also Difficult

In 2020, a Saturn will enter Libra's Love Palace, which will have several effects on peach blossoms, Tang said. First: easy to encounter boring objects; (Recommended reading: Love sociology: to the ambiguous you, if even friends after the confession can not be how to do?) ) )

Uninteresting object, may be the other side living a fixed day, and such objects like together, can see at a glance to the end, the next thirty years may be so. So Libra can also take the opportunity to think about whether you want to live like this. And it is difficult to break the object, it means that this relationship is very much need to wait, or there is difficulties to get through. For example, the family is very opposed, or each other have to fight, and Libra help each other a lot, but not necessarily can enjoy the sweetness of love and so on.

Therefore, Tang Yuyang believes that Libra is not without peach blossoms, but because of the Saturn relationship, so will first see the emotional problems, will need to be overcome first. Libra's 2020 Love Luck is "more responsible than pleasure."

Countdown Top 2 Cap2 Caps, Cancer: Being Yourself Is More Important Than Falling


Tang yuyang mentioned that the 2020 Capricorn in the luck, is to make themselves very good luck. So the momentum will promote the Capricorn, Capricorn will think, to do a good job of their own, do not accommodate. In such a situation, it doesn't feel right for anyone to meet. (Recommended reading: What you've been looking for is not the one you love most)

But in fact, the capon is still emotional! First, they will get to know all walks of life are very special objects, but easy to appear "at first very curious, soon feel unsuitable" situation; So the 2020 fortune will slowly push Capricorn to single, and at this moment Capricorn needs to be able to help him be his own person.


Cancer, which has a smooth career in 2020, has in fact entered a career-oriented phase. For Cancer, the idea of fighting for their cause in 2020 will be stronger than the idea of "sacrifice for love". So the crab will see very clearly that it is not easy to put in a relationship. Tang Yuyang believes that even if the crab has love luck, most of them are cancer is willing to sacrifice dedication, willing to let a lot of steps to get the emotional luck. So in 2020, many cancers feel less likely to focus on their careers, and they will not have a peach blossom because their eyes become clear. (Recommended reading: In love, your happiness sacrifice should only be for yourself)

Countdown Top 1 Leo: It's time to stop and take a look

Tang explains that in 2020 a Saturn will temporarily enter the Couple's Palace of Leo, and although it is temporary, Saturn will still attract a surge of energy. So people who have objects may face a change or inconsistency in their goals with their partner, and will slowly feel increasingly distant or getting along. But this may not be a bad thing, for the feelings of the already troubled, dilemmaed Leo, it gives you a clean opportunity. (Recommended reading: Relationship Illustration Collections about the reasons for the fade between us)

2020 Tang Yuyang Commentary Constellation Momentum Collection: