According to the survey, there is a gap between men and women, and girls have much less orgasm than boys. Organize your 2019 latest findings on women's orgasms. With your beloved him, orgasm together!

"I learned their moans, hollow and thirsty, and you asked me if I was comfortable, and I said i was comfortable, and the reaction was as quick as i was rehearsed." But I'm just acting, and you don't find out. 」
Milk and Honey. Lulu Kaur.

Do you remember when your last orgasm was? That person, perhaps the other half of the stable relationship; perhaps the date of the dating app; or perhaps a wonderful accident, you've never met again. And whoever it is, and when he turns the rain, is your sexual desire satisfied?

According to Psychology Today, there is a "orgasm gap" between men and women, with heterosexual women having much less orgasm than men. Thankfully, there has been a lot of discussion about female orgasms in the field of sexual research in 2019 as the public's attention to the issue has increased.

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Here's a look at your top five findings about female orgasms in 2019!

2019 Review: What are the latest research on "female orgasms" this year?

1. When you have sex, your body movements may affect vaginal orgasm

In addition to directly stimulating the clitoris, the back and back movements of the pelvis and torso (back-and-forth swing movements of the pelvis and trunk) also increase the frequency of vaginal orgasms, according to the journal of sexual research.

"Women fan editor whispers" try to give yourself to the body, as the feeling swings! 也许会让你觉得自己更性感呢 >///<

2. When you consciously want orgasm, you have a better chance of reaching orgasm

You've probably heard the story that when we have the stress of orgasm, it may reduce the quality of sex. This is because, when we focus on orgasm, we may not have time to take into account other flirting moves that lead to a reduced pleasure between the first bed.

But a new study suggests that when women and men have sex, they tend to spend their efforts on pleasing men or making them happy and less focused on their sexual pleasures. Therefore, for women, instead, they can try to make orgasm a goal.

We don't want orgasm to be the only goal of an orgasm, but it's easier for women to orgasm than to prioritize it (than not considering orgasm at all).

This time, turn yourself into a sex star and change some sex patterns, you may find yourself on a different side (laughs).

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"Fake orgasm" is not necessarily negative, the point is why you do it

Fake orgasms are not necessarily a bad thing, depending on the factors behind the false orgasm.

When a woman pretends to have sexual pleasure or orgasm, to increase excitement, or to get herself more involved in it, it's okay to do so much.

However, if a woman is only trying to satisfy her other half and fake orgasm, perhaps it's time to think about not doing it again! Because the other person may also misunderstand your sexual preferences is really like this, then you will also be further and further away from the real climax. (Same-on-the-spot:"After having sex, he orgasms, I just feel tired" fake orgasm emotional labor, more serious than you think)

"Women's fan editor whispers" Through moaning or expression, in addition to inciting each other's sexual desire, you can also let yourself enjoy.

4. Not all "orgasms" are "good orgasms"

Sometimes, even though you're really orgasming, it's a burden on you in the long run.

There are two conditions that can lead to "bad orgasms". One is the stress of a partner who reluctantly cooperates with sex;

The frequency, timing, and manner of communicating sexual behavior with the object can help improve your sex life. You can tell each other what you think, and maybe he has something to say to you.

V. Face sexual behavior with your needs and desires, and are more likely to reach orgasm

For each person, the way to orgasm is not the same, so there is no best way. But this year's study found that women are more likely to succeed and close the "orgasm gap" with men when they are willing to really face their sexual needs and desires.

"Women fans editor whispers" When the other side also values your feelings, you will be more satisfied with happiness. Don't wait, talk to him tonight!

Honey, embrace your desires!

"The thought of you/my legs open / Like a canvas easel / longing for art" - "Milk and Honey." Lulu Kaur.

Women can talk about sex and love, or they can yearn for sexual pleasure and orgasm. A good sex relationship is that both of them feel comfortable and happy. When you really enjoy it, trust that the other person will be able to detect your input, and therefore become more hard not necessarily!

Here, too, you have a blushing heartbeat flirting small classroom.