Are you a good boy or a bad boy? A moving video of Santa's confession has sparked discussion.

You better watch out you'd better pay attention
You better not cry you'd better not to cry
Better not pout best not to supted up
I'm telling you why let me tell you why
Santa Claus is coming to town as Christmas husband is about to enter town

When Christmas comes, walking down the street, it seems less than the festive atmosphere without this Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. And this song from generation to generation, but also many adults often take to teach children's songs, to the children to convey: if you cry again, you lose your temper, you do not listen to me, Christmas husband will list you as a bad child, this year you can not take gifts.

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He's making a list, he's checking it ever; He's in the list, and then he checks again
He's gonna find out who's naughty or nice he'll find out who's naughty kids and who's obedient kids
He knows when you've been bad or good he'll know if you're a bad boy or a good kid
So be good for goodness sake! So for God's sake, you'd better be good.

On December 17th, however, the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) released a video called "Naughty Or..." (whether it's naughty or swere), in which Santa Claus sits on the roof and mutters to all the children in the world: "I think I've done something wrong all along." (I think I think i did this all wrong)

But why did Santa apologize?

"Actually the initial intention is good, i hope can optimize the gift delivery process, but what is naughty?" What's good? Children only need to worry about my lack of veins and points of view to determine the quality of a person. Am I also condemning children who are equally confused about their actions? 」

In the film, Santa Claus to their long-term use of good or bad binary labels, to bind children, in fact, for them is a kind of great harm, especially for those children with mental illness, such as autistic, hyperactivity, etc. , the news network will often label them as bad children, But is this oversimplifying a child's actions and values?

Santa Claus asked, "Do you consciously be nervous, is it good or bad?" Don't know why and angry, is this good or bad? I can't control my impulses, is this good or bad? Feeling pain, is it good or bad? The world keeps repressing them, and then expects these struggling children to do something? 」

"If we add more new perspectives, then it wouldn't be a naughty child, but a "funny child"? 」

Finally the good christmas man himself came to a new conclusion: "These children, they are not "good or bad", they are just "children".

More than two minutes of the film, Santa Claus's thousand-year confession, he said no more distinction between good and bad children, everyone is unique. Give more care and empathy, and every child deserves Santa's blessing.

Let the children get blessings and love.

Let us also talk about the diversity of society from this film.

According to the U.S. survey, 50 percent of people start having mental health problems at age 14, and more than 10 million children in the U.S. suffer from depression, anxiety, and hyperactivity. Sean McLaughlin, creative director of the film, said: "We've all been scolded at a young age, and adults want children to follow the rules, but even adults are hard to follow. 」

He once heard the news that a mentally ill child had a customer yelling at the child's parents after a noise at the store.

However, children suffering from disease, they do not have a way to control themselves, in even their own can not solve the emotion, scolding, criticism, will only make children more incomprehensible. Perhaps from this year on, let's stop terrorizing, but let every child feel respected and cherished, a happy and warm Christmas. We also hope that the world will no longer be judged by good or bad criteria.

May you, who have been upset by being on the naughty list, because you have been mischievous and have not received a gift, re-believe that you are worthy of love.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas:)