Always in a certain intimate contact, but also you particularly dislike the bed behavior? With miles-Briggs personality classification MBTI, look at the bed-like hobby and sex personality!

In bed, do you feel like you always have some particularly liked, or particularly insecure interactions? It may also have something to do with your own character.

The Myers-Briggs personality classification, a well-known personality trait test in the workplace, determines how we interact with the world (introverted or outgoing), how we handle messages (biased towardreason or intuitiveness), how we make decisions (logical or sensory) to how to plan your life, which also reflects what intimate interactions you like, how you are used to receiving messages about your partner (bed-partner), and how often you have sex, to your sexual likes or skills. (Editor's recommendation:Type 16 Love Personality: What kind of personality you are, you will love what kind of person)

Now, let's take a look at your sex personality!

Step first, complete the MBTI quiz (28 questions, test time is about 5 minutes) to record your personality trait code
Step two, look down, what's your bed character?

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1. ISTJ Investigator: Love Me Gives Me A Sense of Security

You are a little shy in bed, you also pay attention to the surrounding environment, such as the sheets are not clean, the environment is not to give you peace of mind, you think this is particularly important. In addition, you are concerned about your partner's satisfaction and will try to make each other as happy as possible. Sex, like emotions, needs to be nurtured for you. And you're willing to coordinate and work with your other half. The key words that belong to your sex are classic, full of love of the basic mission style.

2. ISFJ Guardian: Let me know you're the only one

You tend to be conservative about sex, but that doesn't mean you don't want to try all kinds of interesting sex experiences. It's just that you're looking for sex that's really physically and mentally connected, so you want your other half (bed- and you) to be in bed for a moment where you feel like he's only focused on you, he's passionate about your body, and that's what you're willing to give and invest in. The key word for your sex is the side-down (also known as the spoon- ) in your partner's arms, making you feel good.

3. INFJ Consultant: Give my heart first, then body

You are sensitive to sensory touch, just as you look at feelings. Therefore, before you have close contact, you need to confirm your feelings. Wait until everything is "comfortable" and you can really enjoy it. Of course, you may also try sex a few times without deep communication, but that's certainly not the best for you, like a soulless body. And the more relaxed and feelyour physically and mentally connected to each other, the bolder you become in bed. The key word for your sex is a vibrator, suitable for you eager to be touched in any sensitive part of the body.

4. INTJ Originals: Not free in sex, I'd rather not

When it comes to sex, you're actually willing to try different kinds of objects and have a variety of experiences. Just like you do with other things in life, you see sex as an interesting challenge from which you want to find a deeper, broader world. However, this also reflects your high standards, you can have a few sexually unloved one-night stand, you know you are also sexually loyal to the independent individual. When I do with you, I'm fully committed, and when You put on your pants, you don't have me. The key word for your sex is role-playing, and trying to have an imaginative sex with the other person will make you very happy.

5. ISTP Artisan: Pursuing a Sex-to-Frequency

You are introverted, but with a casual and romantic personality, you are also an observer of sex. You're not particularly active, but on the one hand you're also looking at each other's "switches", finding where you and his frequency are, and finding a little more every time, which is the funniest part of your sex life. Of course, if the other person opens up your sensitive belt, you will respond very enthusiastically. The key word for your sex is the inverter vibrator, you are a person waiting to be turned on, through different stages and the shock of the teasing, you will find with your partner the most suitable frequency for each other.

6. ISFP speaker: It's important to be comfortable with your body and your heart

You like freedom, very willing to let each other do their own, in sex, you also do not have too much requirements. This gives you the opportunity to explore, meet different people and have different sexual experiences. The only thing is that you value trust, so you won't just reach orgasm the first time you have sex with the other person. Your sex is like a curve that needs to be slowly cultivated and your comfort zone and sense of security, which you think is important. The key words that belong to you are behind the scenes, entering from behind, and often gaining access to deeper sensitive bands, which is a great opportunity for you to explore each other.

7. INFP Healer: To turn me on, you need to have a customs clearance password

Although you are very outgoing and like interpersonal, but your sexual character is biased towards mystery. You have a deep and passionate inner world of your own; you can socialize a lot outside, but your favorite intimate time is in the most conservative place -- your home, the familiar bedroom in your home. Not many people can come in easily. You wait for the man who can open the door. The key word for your sex is the female upper hand, just as you trust your instincts, and you want to let it all be led by you, and you're born.

8. INTP Architect: Backplay is important, don't omit it to me

You tend to prefer a little casual, stress-free but always happy sex experience, your sensibility and loyalty, so that you also attach importance to spiritual communication, such as after-sex conversation time, is a great experience for you. It can also help you get more involved in sex every time. Also for this reason, your number of sexual partners may not be very large, but once you select each other, you will be able to try a variety of interesting sexual gestures or techniques with him. The key word for your sex is sitting, with the sitting position into each other, legs intertacoiding each other, so that you focus on each other.

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9. ESTP Salesman: Don't care too much, when I want to, I'm just focused on the moment

You're less likely to seek commitment to sex first, you like flirting and taking risks, and trying out all kinds of sex relationships. You know exactly what you want and you're not afraid to express your needs. When you have a stable relationship, you will also be more than happy to feel the other person's attractive sexual qualities and try to embrace each other more passion and sexual exploration. The key word for your sex is threesome, and if you have the chance, try to see the sexual experience of a power-filled relationship and feel your charm.

10. ESFP Performer: Love is what I serve you, and you care about me

You are a passionate sexual partner, and you are willing to explore the other half's sensitive belt in bed and communicate with it, and then get a sense of accomplishment from it. Intimacy with you is very interesting, in fact, has been in contact for a long time, you will not give up the exploration and attempt of sex. At the same time, you also care about being taken care of in bed, including making your body happy and comfortable. The key word for your sex is standing, on the kitchen table, or against the wall, and you're excited about sex that doesn't limit space.

11. ENFP Winner: If not more happy, why are we here?

Your curiosity, adventurous personality, and open-mindedness about your feelings give you a rich experience of sex. You don't care about relationships that you don't love, you're open-minded and optimistic about sex, and you can enjoy the pleasures and pleasures of your body. Of course, this does not mean that you only take a casual attitude, when in bed, you will make every effort to enjoy it, as in your hedonism practice. The key word for your sex is sexy underwear, creating an interesting teasing program, such as preparing a set of fun clothes that will make you feel confident and full of expectation.

12. ENTP Inventors: Foreplay, Flirting, How Can You Give Up

You are a very interesting person, but also know how to romance and flirt. In bed, you are creative, a little playful, and willing to serve each other, as long as he is satisfied, you will feel the same happy and satisfied. Sex is one of the lubricants and interests of your relationship with the other person; you're a foregame-oriented person who may not be in bed before you're on a dinner date. The key word for your sex is teasing, and if you're a first-time starter, try just gently caressing each other's door with your hands, and then you know you'll want to do more.

13. ESTJ Supervisor: I Am Your Happiness Guaranteed Entry

You are a person who is interested in sex, and your sex life is high, just as you will find what you want most in your daily life, love to maintain relationships, and no exception to sex. You like to take control of you, have your particular preference for sexual posture or sexual skills, and you will play to the extreme, so that your partner also feel that they are really great! The key word for your sex is 69, and under your guidance, you want both people to be satisfied at the same time.

14. ESFJ Provider: Sex is mindless, only for you

You love the character of giving and paying attention to commitment, and it is also reflected in bed. But don't think you're giving at will. You will carefully collect your precious feelings and give you the objects you also cherish. As long as you identify the other person, you are willing to do whatever it takes to please him in bed and see him happy. Of course, you yearn for the same reward and want the other person to focus on you as much as you do. The key word for your sex is oral sex, knowing the other person's sensitive belt, and then focusing on serving him, which makes you equally satisfied.

15. ENFJ Teacher: Love Is The High Tide We Can Reach Together

You are a person who seeks commitment and is also less likely to seek sexual pleasure outside a stable relationship. Once you have the other half, you will take care of the other person's sexual needs and are willing to learn more about his sexual habits, and you won't be shy about that (courtesy). You think this is your chance to show yourself. Your sex with love, everything will be included in the inside, very strong and sincere. The key word for your sex is a double vibrator, and love is you and Me to reach orgasm together.

16. ENTJ Army Marshal: Sex is an intuition.

Your feelings about desire are intuitive, and you can feel it quickly if you want or not to do it with this person today. You'll show your mysterious and sensitive side in bed, you'll make the other person feel important, and whether you're dealing with a one-night stand or stable mate today, you'll be able to guide each other to enjoy the moment together. The key word for your sex is love jumping eggs, and during the foreplay, you like to try to get a longer, longer orgasm, which will get you more involved with the help of some toys.

Close the door, everything is good mystery, so we rarely talk about it. And the more you know what you want, the easier it is for you to enjoy this private time. Sex is beautiful and worth our time exploring! (Extended reading:Type 16 Missing Lovers: What are your characters and how you will face heartbreak)