How's your life going? Are you thinking about your new New Year's hopes? So look around your home! You may hear the voice of begging.

"A few days ago, Luck died. 」

This is the first sentence of an article published in the Japanese women's media, "telling," in Japan. Attracted by such a strange and thrilling beginning, I continued to read.

"Yuko is the name of my refrigerator. What, White was scared out of a cold sweat.

"I think Yuko should have committed suicide. After all, she's so new that she can't break it. When I think of it, My mood gets depressed. Would she have given up her life to protest against me because I have ignored her lately? 」

She explained that during that time she had started to swim without playing for eight hours, and re-watched the decadent life of "The King' World" and "Conan".

"A look inside of Yuko, the kale of the feather has been yellowed, one can't help but wonder if it is a maple leaf, and the melons that the son brought back from school in the fall have become wrinkled and broken. 」

"God, Buddha, my grandfather and grandmother died, I'm sorry, I actually lived this life." 」

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The author is called Sato Youmei, a professional woman. Many people ask her how she balances family and work, to which she replies, "I prioritize what I can do, what I have to do, and what I want to do." She wasn't good at housework, so she asked the cleaner for help, because caring for the children wasn't a chore, and because she didn't think "i can do what I can do" in early childhood, she asked someone to help with the child.

However, she was once a very insistent cook.

"Continue to eat foreign food, let the ingredients corrupt, trouble rather than eat." If this life continues, I seem to start necrosis from the end of the nerve. 」

What you don't have to do is try not to touch her, only in the cooking has an inexplicable obsession. For her, whether to let herself and her family eat well is her top priority. Therefore, in the face of the death of Yuko, she felt more depressed.

In order to stop experiencing such depression, Sato yumi decided to buy a new recipe labeled "Simple, day-to-day" in an attempt to regain her previous passion for cooking.

Let's try to tell and scan the present life

Are your homes all right now? Is the refrigerator still alive? Is everything okay? Or is it empty? Are the sheets still clean? Are there any hairs, greasy? Do you have all the clothes in the closet? Or scattered in every corner of the house, when the chair cover?

Let me tell you first. I bought a game, every holiday almost impossible to let go, family affairs are always dragged to the last minute to do, and therefore abandoned my diet. Breakfast a cup of soy milk or milk, lunch to the refrigerator leftovers dug out, how much to eat, dinner the same, but eat less, only to night will not be hungry to sleep. A month down, although a few kilograms of weight full of pleasant, but every time a long time after a good meal moved, let me can not help but reflect on my way of life. (Recommended reading: The thrill of catching the dead line is addictive!) Beware of procrastination)

At the end of the year, in addition to introspection, I decided to take action, hoping to grasp the last days of 2019, gradually develop the good habits of the past.

First of all, it is to face my family's "lucky son". Open the refrigerator, found that in addition to buying my family's peppers, cucumbers and other lettuce, only raw rice and seasoning. Although pets are painful, but the diet is worse than the guinea pig is really amazing. So I washed the rice, went to the co-op to buy some good treatment of green vegetables, cut into din and then dropped and cooked with raw rice. Very simple, and completely no need for technology of this bowl of rice, perhaps symbolizing the beginning of a new life, eat especially satisfied.

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You don't want the furniture to be abandoned, you don't need to be overly alarmed by the tragedy at home. What you can do before the end of the year is to show the sincerity of change to the furniture that is snubbed and not treated well, even if only a little is good. Don't want to make four dishes a soup and feel flustered, or even as long as frying a bag of eggs, bring you a ray of light on home appliances.

In addition to starting a group, I also began to engage in some long-untouched interests. The opportunity was to find a gray drawing board that was sleeping in a drawer while looking for something. Fortunately, it has not yet fallen into a state of eternal sleep, otherwise I have become the murderer of others. Too long did not use the electric drawing board, hands shaking to no, drawn out of the line simply can not bear to gamble. But just doing what you want to do but belatedly, there is already enough sense of accomplishment.

I also started listening to the music of some new artists, trying to line up songs and trying to reduce the game's weight in my life to normal.

I also swept the grass scattered on the floor (the guinea pigs were very picky) and placed my clothes and caricatures scattered everywhere.

Christmas has passed, this year into the final countdown, you have what kind of New Year's wish? If you have the idea of trying to clean up your life, but you don't know where to start, start with the year-end sweep! In the process, you may hear your furniture, appliances, household items, and howl squeal the New Year's Wish you have to. Take good care of them before they take their last breath! (Recommended reading: At the end of the year, how many points would you give yourself in the past year?) ) )