Want to start a conscious life? Maybe you can start with the kitchen. Four exquisite one-person home appliances, precisely because of cherish every day, for their own cooking, is to be more cautious ah.

Now, more and more people are choosing to start taking control of their lives -- starting with cooking. In the community, many people who live outside their home will share their prepared three meals and pups, and occasionally share their own breakfasts and desserts, cooking for a long time, and gradually understanding how well cooked.

But their own cooking, often have a trouble, such as sometimes take a pinch not good portion to cook more or cook less, sometimes want to try different methods of cooking, but also do not want to buy too many appliances, after all, rent a house is so small, no place to put;

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If you like, and want to start a self-cooking life, but there are the above troubles, then share you four exquisite one-person appliances. Just because cherish every day, for their own cooking, is to be more cautious ah.

14 minutes good, cooked straight with the go: poop-type rice cooker

After work home, do not want to eat microwave rice, intend to cook hot rice, but also spend time washing the pot of rice, or get up in the morning to prepare for the time, do not want to spend too much time in the boiled white rice. These troubles may be solved.

Photo: Thanko

Japan's electrical appliances industry has launched a rice cooker that takes only 14 minutes to simply cook delicious, soft-hearted white rice. This potted rice cooker can cook about 1-2 servings of white rice, and most importantly (the focus): you don't need to put the rice in the poop box. This casual rice cooker has waterproof function, can be directly used as a lunch box, as long as cooked out the plug, cover, can be taken to the company or school, even after eating, can also be cleaned with water.

Side dishes and white rice can also be cooked at once: one-person special cooker

Can you also cook hot food at the company? Is it possible to prepare a one-person meal at a time? Japan's electrical industry has also launched a "one-person-specific cooking cooker." A box-sized rice cooker with two small boxes inside, only need to add the right rice and water, and take about 50 minutes to cook the right amount of white rice.

Photo: Thanko

Of course, in addition to cooking white rice, you can also take heating, cooking side dishes, such as curry, vegetables and so on, if you want to eat freshly steamed melon or eggs in the morning, or want to drink a bowl of hot soup, you can use this cooking pot at the same time.

Photo: Thanko

Green lattes, gold milk ready to drink: one-person juicer

Hope to get up in the morning, want to make some juice, milkshake or green latte to drink, but in the rental room, space is not large, need to place not take up space and good in moving machines, this time, perhaps than heavy household juice machine, you are more suitable to use this one-formed juice rafter.

Photo: recolte

Another Japanese home appliance manufacturer launched Solo Blender, directly in the cup to add the vegetables and fruits to play, stuck in the juicer base, you can play the fruit juice you want, after completion also do not need to pour out, gently turn open, put on the lid, you can take the cup out of the door.

In fact, it's not just juice, it's also possible to make pumpkin soup, green sauce, milkshakes, jams and so on, to create new changes. The most important thing is that the one-formed blender occupies little space, to take away is also very convenient, the glass can be used to do other use.

On a cold day, a person warms up for a party: electronic conditioning pot

It's good to eat out with friends, but occasionally on holidays, you'll want to give yourself a little space to cook well. Especially on this cold day, i always want to be able to drink some hot soup, or boil a hot pot, drink beer. A person to party, in addition to happiness, more comfortable.

Photo: recolte

There are electrical industry to introduce electronic conditioning pot, light and not bulky, not only can be used to cook hot pot, but also can cook red wine, Spanish stew, if put in the net frame, can also steam fish, a pot can have many kinds of use. If you are also very concerned about the home decoration harmonious people, these small electronic conditioning pots in the rental room, but also very textured.

Photo: recolte

Before living outside for a long time, the days become no waves, serious work and work dinner, day class and evening travel. Not unhappy, just a long time, you often feel their days like time pushed away, the meal to eat, or to eat out, or sleep longer, save a meal.

Cooking your own meals is a way to take good care of yourself, but also a conscious life, not to live. Ingredients plus time, perhaps not more convenient than eating a meal, but can get, but how can foreign food can not replace the satisfaction, because you know how to cook the day, have control over life, master the amount of food eaten at each meal, flavoring and oil you have more own measures.

A person's day, in that pot, you have your own heaven and earth.

Four one-person appliances, recommended to you who intend to start self-cooking life.