When Tsai Ing-wen, Hong Tzu-yong and others are attacked by competitors for giving birth or not, we can see that the patriarchal society's stereotypes and constraints on women. Take stock of the quotes of 8 Taiwanese female political figures and respect women's efforts in the professional field!

The presidential election on January 11, 2020, will take place in 12 days. These days, the election atmosphere has been growing, and the Taiwanese people are also showing high interest in politics.

At the end of 2019, women are obsessed with the gender media community, and we continue to work on gender issues. So I'd like to invite you to focus on gender phenomena and dilemmas in politics.

We took stock of the quotes of eight taiwanese female political figures, namely Cheng Lingfang, Lin Yingmeng, Fan Yun, Hong Ciyong, Huang Jie, Tsai Ing-wen, Deng Huiwen and Lai Ping-yin, all from their 2019 facebook pages.

From these women's statements, not only can they feel their concern for gender and women's rights, they also show a variety of diverse images of women, let us know that women can always choose to stand up for gender equality.

(The following order is arranged by name stroke)

The ring side: compared to whether to give birth or not, whether to pay is important

Photo: ChengLing party facebook fan page

The success of a few women does not mean that most women are able to speak out.

Order party
"Whether we have children or not is never a prerequisite for our policy discussions, but whether we have the sincerity of our commitment to the Taiwanese community.
"The ability of a woman should not be judged by whether she is born or not;
use their female appearance to make up for their low self-esteem by trying to demean women who feel deeply threatened."
"As a member of women's political workers, I am acutely aware that women's participation in politics is often burdened with multiple pressures, and that traits unrelated to their abilities are often dug out to amplify the environment for women's participation in politics.
society, through the personal participation of women in politics, we can gradually eliminate our difficulties as a woman in Taiwan so that the society can be more friendly." "

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Lin Yingmeng: Women are not easy to get into politics, and the political environment needs to be friendlier

Photo: Lin Yingmeng facebook fan page

Taiwan needs more gender-friendly societies in the future than a society that discriminates.

Lin Yingmeng
"The president's role as a woman is not a sin, and gender identity should not be used as an attack tool for the campaign. "It
not easy for a woman to be in politics, to be criticized for her appearance and to be accused of not being able to work at home.
"I must be very serious about saying that this 'not like a woman' statement is not just about sexism, it's about promoting the distorted value of "I can reasonably discriminate against a particular gender identity." That is, women are not born to be women, but need to be qualified at any time, and as long as "unlike women" women, they can be reasonably attacked and discriminated against as gender identity language. "

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Fan Yun: The ideal taiwan is that discrimination no longer exists

Photo: Fan Yun Facebook Fan Page

I call on all voters who support gender equality, especially women, to use their votes to teach women's political parties!

Fan Yun
"Women don't marry, have children, when to get married and have children, what's the matter with you?" "It
in 10 years.
"Only if everyone, regardless of origin, class, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity, can live in this land with dignity, will a better Taiwan emerge in our dreams!" "

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Hong Ciyong: Women's Personal Choices, Shouldn't Be Great

Photo: Hong Tzu-yong facebook page

You don't have to be blessed, but I want you to respect it, just as we should respect everyone's choice, not to marry, not to have children.

Hong Ciyong
that women are not slackwhen when they are pregnant. "Busy getting married and having children" such as questioning and pastime, not only I alone, this society has more women encounter. "Even
if I give birth, I still question until the last minute and return to work immediately after giving birth. And I have to say, I'm not a good demonstration. It also highlights how many problems and pressures women have to face at work, and how many unfriendly attacks and questions they have to encounter. I sincerely hope that one day, women's choices will no longer be the target of attack. "

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Huang Jie: Instead of paying attention to my feelings, it is better to put my heart into the flat

Photo: Huang Jie Facebook Fan Page

You don't have to be like anyone. What I want to do is to be more comfortable in taiwan, where there is a free, democratic and equal, regardless of gender.

Huang Jie
"We still have to fight hard to resist, but also to continue to move forward, for the oppressed people to work hard, together to hold up the rainbow umbrella, wind and rain together." "How
woman?" I only know that I must take responsibility for the people, to society, to be a pioneer of reform to promote urban progress, to invest the greatest efforts to eliminate discrimination, to fight for fairness and justice, and to make the places where we live free and friendly. "I've
married, and I don't respond because I don't want these issues to get out of the way of public issues. Because I didn't have children, my goal of promoting public parenting would change; because I didn't get married, I didn't understand the social assistance a family needed, and i didn't understand the social assistance that a family needed, and because sexual orientation was heterosexual or homosexual, it would affect my commitment to marriage equality and my commitment to gender equality education. "

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Tsai Ing-wen: Skirts or children are no excuse to stop women

Photo: Tsai Ing-wen Facebook Fan Page

We don't need to be defined by others. In your field of expertise, insist on commitment, you are their own son-in-law.

Tsai Ing-wen
"Hopefully one day you'll call me president, not a woman president." Gender should not be a decision to judge an individual's performance.
have children, but that doesn't mean they can't appreciate their parents' hard work. Such personal attack comments are not necessary, for the sake of Taiwan's next generation, we will continue to work hard to do, seriously.
"I'm a woman, I'm unmarried, I don't have children, and these identities are often used to play out. And Like many women who go into public affairs, I've always redoubled my efforts to do better and try to prove myself. But in fact, women do not need to deliberately prove to whom what, discrimination labels should not be taken for granted. Times in progress, Taiwan in progress, wearing skirts can do the same as the commander-in-chief of the three armies, whether there are children, will not detract from our hearts that we want to do for the next generation. "

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Deng Huiwen: A woman can decide for herself what kind of person she wants to be

Photo: Deng Huiwen facebook fan page

We can't be silent against sexism.

Deng Huiwen
"It is obvious sexism to judge in public a woman's marriage and fertility status as a woman's "worth not to be trusted".
"The most important thing is to respect, including the respect for the older women who have different growth veins from us, not to question each other's growth process, and to respect each other's habits in the process of progress and openness." "I
don't think I need to work harder to make newspaper editors feel that writing "Dr. Deng Huiwen" is enough, without worrying about the fact that no one cares and forces "beautiful doctor". My colleagues have a lot of "handsome doctors", but they are rarely introduced in this way.
"A woman has to wear makeup today, she doesn't wear it tomorrow, or she's dressed very sexy, or, here she wants to meet the expectations of men, and every woman can decide for herself. "

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Lai Pinya: Sex or gender can't erase women's achievements

Photo: Rai Pinya facebook fan page

What we should do, what we shouldn't do, we will never allow effort solely because we are women, and they will be completely wiped out.

Lai Pinya
"It's not just me, other women my age are involved in political and social movements, and they're going to be attacked by this kind of sexual ity."
"Including myself, I will choose to go into politics and vote, to stand up to stereotypes and discrimination, and to make sure that every woman in the workplace can see that we have the ability not to accept arrangements and point fingers!"
"We will emphasize the power of women and women's representatives, not only in the political field, but also because in every corner of society, I think there should be more yuan, more friendly, taiwan and many better places, treat everyone of different characteristics, and take our efforts seriously, which is what I have always insisted on." "

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Please respect women's commitment in the professional field

This year is the first year of Taiwan's gay, and the fight for a long time of same-sex marriage is finally legal and a new process has entered. However, we have also found that many people are still asexually, so there is still considerable room for effort on this subject.

When Tsai Ing-wen, Hong Ciyong and others, by other competitors to give birth or not as a point of attack, showing the patriarchal society for women's stereotypes and constraints.

We have written many articles in the past on sexism in politics, and we welcome the new.

"For me, people have always been equal, it's not about who's opinioned, it's about everything. 」
For me, people have alwayss have been equal. It's not a matter of opinion. That's the foundation for each.
- Sanna Marin (Prime Minister of Finland)

Today, as a woman, regardless of her age or appearance, or whether she intends to marry or have children, she should not be censored and criticized by others. Not only in politics, but also women in any job.

Please respect women and give them the right to work and live at their own discretion.

Looking forward to the upcoming 2020 " gender equality" is no longer a long road, but a day to go.