If you want to avoid the crowds on New Year's Eve and have a small date with yourself or a private friend, here are three coffee shops that are open for midnight.

New Year's Eve, is a night that seems to be celebrated by the whole world, for its jubilation. Someone will go to an idol concert, someone will go to another country to experience a different atmosphere, someone will be screaming with friends on KTV. But in your opinion, rather than playing with yourself, you prefer to have an ordinary but pleasant night. It's best to celebrate with a low-key cup of coffee, celebrate your maturity, celebrate yourself and grow a little.

If you want to avoid the crowds on New Year's Eve and have a small date with yourself or a private friend, here are three coffee shops that are open for midnight. (Recommended reading:If you want to be a self-only night owl!) Five late-night cafes recommended )

Relaxing New Year's Eve: The Shrine

Photo: The Shrine Facebook

Located near the MRT station of the Taidian Building, there is a coffee shop during the day and the "The Shrine" which turns into a bar after dark. For The Shrine, coffee and wine are never in conflict. If you're tired of new Year's eve partying, but don't want to be alone at home for the New Year, recommend you go to The Shrine with three or five friends, order a glass of wine, and relax the music for a pleasant New Year's eve.

Photo: The Shrine Facebook

Photo: The Shrine Facebook

Opening hours: 16:00-2:00 on weekdays, Saturday 14:00-2:00 (national and continuous holidays are mainly based on store announcements)

Address: 132 Division Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City

Phone: 02-2367-5540

New Year's Eve full of teenage love: top-floor coffee

Photo: Top Floor Coffee Facebook

In the workplace, you in order to show professionalism, their girl heart folded good. But in "top-floor coffee," you don't have to hide your true self. The shop is full of dry flower arrangements and white walls, with pleasing and delicious coffee and desserts, New Year's Eve if you can stay away from the city center, fled to a good beat and not crowded coffee shop to stay, why not a good, good dialogue with their own new beginning?

Photo: Top Floor Coffee Facebook

Photo: Top Floor Coffee Facebook

Business hours: 11:30 a.m. - 2:00 a.m. (National And Continuous Holidays are mainly based on store announcements)

Address: 64 Tree Road, Taipei City Three Gorges, 1st floor

Phone: 02-2671-1787

New Year's Eve with positive energy: the World Snr.

Photo: WorldSCom Facebook

Located in Taipei's public gallery, the World Club is as famous as the store, with a sense of healing from decoration to menu. At the door of the "pull me a good" sign makes people laugh, indoor overall with industrial wind and leather home decoration mash-up, showing a mature talent understand the world-weariness. (Recommended reading: it's all in the middle of the night!) Five coffee shops that night owls can't not know about )

Photo: WorldSCom Facebook

In addition to the decoration and theme special, "World Sabotyn Society" also has a large number of food waiting for visitors to visit. On the official Facebook page, they also shared a short story:

Photo: WorldSCom Facebook

After the suicide that night, want to say drink to the unconscious and then jump in the middle of the night, so casually found a bar.
There I met a girl and asked me how i had blood marks on my neck. Was it cut down on the run?
I smiled and said the rope was broken, not dead, and it was just a peel.
She said, do you want to die, too? Before swallowing the medicine but also did not succeed, or we are not a knife to each other?
Before I could find the knife, I fell into the alcohol.
I woke up the next day and was taken to hospital.

Wine saved my life.

Tell me another day about the story of how my coffee master saved people with coffee.

You want to die? Let's have a drink.

If you're tired of 2019, come here for a cup of coffee on the last day. People here don't criticize negative emotions, they don't deny the dark side. They tell you with coffee and wine, despite the world," to have a good opinion.

Opening hours: Weekdays 14:00-01:00, Fri-Sat 14:00-02:00 (National and continuous holidays are mainly based on store announcements)

Address: 40rd Lane 1-2, 40th Street, Central Zheng District, Taipei City

Phone: 02-2365-4535

This year is coming to an end, and as you grow up, you begin to find that new years themselves have nothing to look forward to, making you happy, usually with important people with each other's memories. And no matter who you choose to spend with, or with whom to spend, you know that you are actually better than the previous year's own, you know that you will step by step, steady toward the goal, like the New Year's Eve that cup of coffee, slowly drink, slowly back to Gan.

If you also have a list of cafes you would like to recommend, welcome to "Throw the sound" to share with us.