You don't stand up and don't know how strong you are. In these protests, we see pregnant women with big belly, rebellious teenage girls, mothers breastfeeding while shouting slogans, and we see women all over the world, how to fight back and try to make this era the best generation.

Time flies, unknowingly came to the last day of 2019. What year is this year like for you?

In 2019, many gender issues will take place around the world. In the international arena, there are abortion bans in Alabama, violent attacks on British lesbians, and the suppression of female protesters by means of sexual violence in Sudan, as well as in the surrounding areas of Taiwan, where Hong Kong #metoo, and Chinese imprisonment of women in Xinjiang. (If you want to understand more, we'll help you organize here: 2019 What gender events do you remember? ) )

Fortunately, in the wind and rain of this year, or a lot of good news. For example, taiwan, where we live, this year officially passed the same-sex marriage bill, making it the number one in Asia.

And we all know that before marriage in Taiwan is legal, it's been a long and arduous road. That's the precious fruit of thousands of advocates working hard in various ways and constantly taking to the streets.

A lot of things, need the people's will to make a city. Here, we would like to share with you that from 2010 to 2019, women from all over the world will be moved by the presence of women in protestors or social events.

Chile Chile

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Palestine Palestine

Brazil Brazil

(Recommended reading:"Gender Watch" Brazil's violent case and auxiliary sexual assault case, their victimization experience is not your joke)

United States United States

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Bolivia, Bolivia: Alone, I'm not afraid

Sweden, Sweden

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Turkey, Turkey

(Recommended reading: The most humorous counterattack!) Turkish woman responds to Deputy Prime Minister's "Laughing Will Lose Virginity" with Laughs

United Kingdom United, UK

(Recommended reading: Express news , Chinese lesbian couple struck: forcing us to perform kissing, not to do it on the beat)

Macedonia, Macedonia

Sudan, Sudan

(Recommended reading: On the day of Sudan's military crackdown, I watched teenage girls being raped: they kept screaming and crying)

Eguado Ecuador

Czech Republic Republic

Israel Israel

Read:100,000 Israeli Women Strike to Protest Government's Inaction on Violence

France, France

(Recommended reading: Victory for Gay Rights! Behind the scenes of France's passage of same-sex marriage and adoption legislation


Lebanon, Lebanon

India India

(Recommended reading:"No physical leave" Indian women forced to remove their uterus and take unknown drugs to continue working

Poland, Poland

(Recommended reading: From a thousand people in Poland to eat banana to see female lust: sexual innuendo, is not a good work of art? ) )

South Korea South Korea

(Recommended reading: South Korean #Metoo pioneers Xu Zhixian and Choi Yong-mei on: "This is nota war between men and women, but a war between the past and the future"

Spain Spain

(Recommended reading: Pick a film for you, "Love Barcelona" seems liberating, in fact, very "disgusting")

In the thought that there is no future, we continue to love, continue to struggle.

Xu Weifang. Taipei Girls.

In large social events, people often bear greater risks and risks. Over the past decade, not only the people in the photos, but many other women have fought in droves, fearless, brave and fearless, speaking out on the issues they care about.

We have always believed that the image of women is diverse. You don't have to be smart and soft, you can stand up and be stronger than anyone else.