There are all sorts of strange museums around the world, and another super-strange museum opened in late 2019 - dedicated to the absurdities of people getting drunk.

"When I woke up, I found my predecessor lying next to me. 」

Are there any such friends around you: as long as you get drunk, you can do amazing things, and then wake up the next day, the day before everything is all forgotten? Or are you the kind of person? Usually, those drunken anecdotes will only spread among friends, but there is a museum dedicated to collecting these anecdotes for everyone to enjoy (laugh).

World's First: Hangover Museum Opens

The HangoverMuseum in Croesia opened in December, and according to CNN, the museum's founder, Rino Dubokovic, who is also a college student, was exchanging funny hangover stories with friends when a friend shared that he woke up drunk and found a bicycle pedal in his pocket. (Extended reading: Welcome to the Breakup Museum: Memories of Love, Here Forever)

Rino Dubokovic decided to work with her boyfriend to collect the absurdities people had done after drinking, and to assemble with the objects to open a "Hangover Museum."

The Hangover Museum's showway is based on a drunken view, visitors can wear drunken goggles, step out of the drunken pace, and simulate the route from leaving the party, you will pass the street, shops, parks all the way to the bedroom, to see what you have picked up after, encountered, there are some experiences during the visit, It's like a drunken dart.

On a board at the museum, you are invited to write about waking up drunk: "I woke up to find the i-word with....", some people woke up to find their money gone, some people said, woke up to find their ex-man lying next to him, some people woke up to find a pile of pumpkins around, Others say they wake up to find two stray dogs around them.

Creating the Hangover Museum, Rino Dubokovic says it's not about promoting excessive drinking, or rationalizing it: "In the future, I want people to be aware of the downsides of alcohol." These stories are shared to get people to start connecting with the past.

Of course, it must be said that excessive drinking is harmful to the body, and we should avoid getting drunk and causing anyone to bother, or even attack others. Through the stories people share, you will know what effect alcohol will have on people, a lot of things have been done, regret is too late.

In late 2019, with 2020, you may be ready to celebrate with friends, but don't forget to drink in moderation, lest you do anything to regret on the last day, and the following year may be taken out by friends from time to time as a joke!

Have you ever made a funny act because you were drunk?