After drinking eight personality, which kind of personality are you?

Friends party, no less alcohol companion. But after the yellow soup, have you ever met some friends like a changed person? A study by psychologist Rachel Winograd in the journal Clinical Psychology Science suggests that drunken personality is actually our true personality.

"Good Leaf," which has 550,000 subscribers on Youtube, has also collated psychologists' analysis to launch "Eight PersonalityAfters After Drinking" video, which one of the following are you?

1. Alcohol amnesia (Memory Loss after Drunk)

There is a person, the usual personality is extremely polar, sometimes very quiet, sometimes is the most crazy people. They are usually serious and confident, also very righteous to their friends, and emotionally rational. Seemingly no shortcomings of them, in fact, extremely lack of love, but also easy to feel lonely. They are very talkative and prone to nonsense when they are drunk, but their attitude is extremely sincere and true. (Recommended reading: After ignorance: If it's just lonely, please don't love me)

Even if he wakes up and doesn't remember anything, the sentence he said is true, it belongs to the type of drunken lying.

2. Post-Alcohol Communication (Socialize After Drunk)

Some people are usually introverted, rarely express their true ideas and opinions, only at a specific time and in front of a specific person will show ability. But after drinking, they judge the two, become social, talk, quick-thinking and responsive. If it is a work wine bureau, then it can be the mission must be at the same time, but also can be compassionate subordinates. Such a person actually has a strong enterprising spirit, with great ambition.

Normally quiet, talkative after drinking, alcohol is a way for them to relieve stress.

3. Sleep after Drunk

There is a person who tends to fall asleep directly after drinking, and does not have much of the rest of the conversation and behavior. Such a person's personality easy-going, and open-minded, more will not be because of small things with others. They seem to get along well with a lot of people, but they don't communicate with people. They are usually easy to meet, but also feel comfortable with the current situation of life, the future is not too much requirements and pursuit, the smooth life is their greatest wish.

Alcohol is like a relaxation agent for them, and you can sleep with peace of mind after drinking.

4. Happy After Drunk

After drinking, some people will become excited, from the heart of the joy and joy so that they can laugh non-stop, sing non-stop, and even dance non-stop. Such a person's personality is cheerful, positive, righteous but also gentle side. They like to communicate with others and broaden their horizons by meeting new people. They love life and are confident and looking forward to the future.

Alcohol for them is an aid to amplifythe the senses.

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5. Drunk Depression (Depress after Drunk)

There is a kind of people usually look good, but after drinking wine become depressed, see everything is sad, think of everything are in tears. It is also easy to fall into their own sad mood, the more you want to be wronged, the more I want to be sad. This type of person, in fact, the mind is delicate, good at looking at the face, very concerned about others. But because you care about others, it's easy to be depressed because of small things. They also dare not confess their feelings to others for fear of being laughed at.

They are used to drinking and pouring their sorrows, and only in this way can they release grievances and grievances through tears.

6. Pour Out After Drunk

Unlike social personality, people who confide after drinking are used to finding someone they can trust to trust, and confiding in their hearts. They are usually more introverted, although there are opinions, opinions, but usually do not like performance, only after the alcohol belly, can show their views. Such people care about the eyes of others and are curious about what others think of themselves. (Recommended reading: the recipe for wine dishes , it is not difficult to invite guests at home, there is alcohol, the atmosphere is all right)

Alcohol is the best tool for them to make their true self breathe.

7. Rage After Drunk

Some people in the alcohol belly, easy to become grumpy, angry, at this time they see who is not happy, see who want to be angry. Seemingly wild and unruly, they, ordinary personality introverted and rarely speak, their self-esteem is very strong, easy to be afraid of others look down on themselves. Then after drinking, the discontent broke out. Such a person, life has always been unsatisfactory, feel that they are at the end of the road, but also have no confidence in the future.

Alcohol for them is to forget the troubles of life.

8. Drunk Harassment (Harass Drunk After)

The word "harassment" is not necessarily completely negative in this, such people like to joke after drinking, usually cheerful personality, love life, is a typical realist. They like to spread joy and share it, and although they usually like to joke, they are more exaggerated after drinking. Such people, in the face of uneven life path, can still maintain optimism and one heart upward.

Alcohol is a tool for them to help spread happiness.

At the time of the holiday, and relatives and friends to drink a little wine to talk about life, is a very enjoyable thing. But no matter what personality you are, remind you that drinking alcohol is hurting, in grasping happiness at the same time to remember the discretion to take. Let us have fun drinking and enjoylife.