Don't you know how to choose between dreams and reality?Look at the story of Zhou Zorhan, and I believe it will give you a different idea.

Brendon, a big boy who loves cycling, took part in the B2P Beijing-Paris-no-adventure race in 2007, and started the 14,000-kilometer-long march from the bicycle.In 2009, travel from Britain to France, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and other countries took nine months to complete cycling in Europe.

What kind of passion and motivation is it to support him to pursue his dreams and accomplish these feats?(Extended reading: Dream practice home, not talking about dreams!)Lin Hong-quan's flyingV crowd-fundraising )

On the day of the interview, on the transparent landing window, I saw Brendon pulling the violin waiting for us in the store."Old Mr. Wang has a bicycle," the character he always loves to jokingly jokingly, because of a chuckle: " What is the most famous courier company?Mr. Wang, Brendon took a name for his bicycle bar.The environment in the store is small and warm and comfortable.He immediately took out two bottles of beer, and started this interview in an easily relaxed atmosphere.

All experiences have an impact

When asked about his background, Brendon laughed and said, "I've done a lot of things, and the nature is very different."The first serious job was a waitress in an Italian restaurant.Because of frequent contact with guests, he is deeply obsessed with the intriguent relationship between people.Later he served as a service staff member of the World Trade Center, and the leaders of the family and the tour groups, and so on, each of them had a common point, and all of them were the "people".

" The development of everything is going to have an impact.Because of this work, I understand that my passion is in the People, and I also understand that these are not my ideals.As a result, Brendon has been able to create a place to communicate with people, with the current cycling bar.

Life is a series of intern events

A keen interest in comparing, cycling, traveling (summer camp) from childhood indicates that perhaps this is a passion that has been buried deep in the heart.

When you really start riding on a bicycle, it's a high school report, and a student ride on a bicycle to Yangmingshan."My dream at that time was to ride a bicycle to the mountains every day to build a tent on the mountain," said Brendon, who laughed at the head.We really bought all the camping supplies, camping.But this is one time."

Later in Shirington, he met a group of well-being, Brendon's high school, which was a very different life from the general population." We set off from Shilin every last week, and I rode to a mountain in the mountains and then on Yangmingshan. When I arrived in the horse trough, it was already bright, and then I moved back to Shihlin, often riding all night long.He was excited to describe it.But because of this, high school spent a lot of time riding on a bike, and didn't go to school, so he didn't get the diploma, but instead used the equivalent degree to university.

Is he going to regret it?"Doing anything has to pay for what you want," he said.Those friends who were riding together were middle-aged people, and they shared their life experiences.Life in high school life is a classmate, an examination, but I have no test in my life, but a small story in their lives, and their experience of learning has also greatly influenced my life." (Recommended reading: Cumulative failed experience value!Five things you were supposed to do before I was 25 )

All passion is active

" There's a source of enthusiasm for everything.In fact, he participated in the "B2P Beijing from Beijing to Paris" and traveled around Europe for nine months.Many people find it very brave, but I think it is a coward to me.Brendon was honest with us.When I was a person in high school, I had a very strong sense of loneliness, so I was often riding a bicycle with a car friend.And to participate in Beijing to Paris, in fact, it was because of feeling frustrated at the beginning that they chose to sign up for the event."

"Part of going to Europe is a commitment to the ex-girlfriend, some of it cowardice, because of fear of loneliness and the opening of the store as a former girlfriend, but these are the driving forces that take me off."" Under tall, very sensitive minds and emotions, Brendon, even after breaking up with his ex-girlfriend, insisted on his commitment at that time.

"But these things also let me learn that when you set a goal, you tell yourself not only to yourself, but also to try to practice it."Because this matter is difficult, it is even more worthwhile to reach a conclusion, and a sense of achievement after completion can allow you to embrace the passion and continue to go on.The life of Brendon is to pursue a dream that is one after another.

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Tinker edge in travel

When traveling, accept the world, let go of every opportunity, and accept every thing that looks like a little thing, and maybe it's going to be unintended.

Brendon told us two little stories from his trip:

" After being robbed in Russia in 2007, I could only borrow money from my friends to eat, and at night I slept in the door of the store's shop.One day he came to the box and found a hot springs in the heart of conscience, and only 500 Japanese yen, and he invested his own money.I hesitated for a long time, I thought about 500 Japanese yen, and I could eat five meals, and I didn't have the money.I remember that day that heavy rain, I rode to the highest point of the highway, and I was on the side of the road, and I found the tail lights missing after the road was taken from the side of the road."

"At the moment I thought this might be a fate, and decided to go back and find a street lamp the next day."When I got back there, I couldn't help but get goose bumps.Bicycle knights were rarely encountered along the way, but I was there that day.A man, like me, was riding a bicycle in the rain to try and make a brand name.After chatting with him, we found that our path was almost the same, so I had a companion on the way forward." People in two different countries can be in the same place, because they are interested in the same interest, which is why.

There is another story that happened when Brendon went to Germany." G 'G' navigation machine is the most unspoiled thing for everyone to recommend, and when I ride the wrong way to the deep mountains, it's actually a crash when I turn on the GPS.I had to look back and find the right path, and I was going to find a place to charge.In a bar, I met two gentlemen, and they knew that I was riding in the car and I knew my GPS was broken, and asked if I wanted to drink a glass of wine with them, and then the GPS would be fine."

" I always dreamed of being on the Porsche. One day, one of my husband used his Porsche to give me a ride, and the next day I was living on another gentleman's sailing boat, a very dreamy experience.I didn't think that the GPS was broken, but instead led me to the right path."

Don't go out, you can travel around the world

I've heard people say, " There is only one professional best partner — — opening a hotel.In the morning you can write books and do your own business, and you can meet the world in the evenings at night.As a result, Brendon opened this little wine in the Hsimenting area, using a nighttime understanding of the world and business, and in the morning it was used to enrich herself.

Brendon not only loves cycling, but also actively draws on all aspects of knowledge.When he first returned to Taiwan, he went to the Ming-chuan Company to observe, and learned about the company's knowledge of opening up the company.Now, we also go to Taiwan to attend classes in politics, literature, and so on." The doors of the university classrooms are not locked, and professors are very happy to attend as well as students.Knowledge has always been there, and it is worth pursuing without imposing restrictions on anyone.(In the same place: Is the knowledge economy time for people to save, or have we become lazy readers?)

"When I went to Britain, I saw a lot of youth hostels, and the first floor was a bar, and I could drink a little bit of wine, chatting with other visitors, and it was very interesting."My original goal was also this.At present, we discuss cooperation with friends who have already run a travel agency, and let them run the hotels upstairs. I will run the open space below.Brendon was talking about the reason he opened the store, and the glitter in his eyes.

"In addition, because the bicycle is very much like a bicycle, the bicycle market is increasingly professional, and most of them are in the direction of a race."As far as I'm concerned, even though I will compete in the competition, I feel that the most important fun of cycling is that we all enjoy the feeling of traveling together. In exchange for each other's experience, it is another way of increasing the scope of the scope of the world. The way of life is so much more abundant."

Brendon hopes to create a comfortable and comfortable space, even if people who don't ride bicycles can drink a little bit of wine, share experiences, and talk to each other."It's a place for people to gather," he said. " But Taiwan lacks such a place. It's not too noisy. It's just to maximize profits. Although there are many items, people come in to buy things, and people don't have a strong contact with people." He wanted to open a different store because of the current situation in the Taiwan market.

" What I want to do is to be a point of reunion and become an exchange center for information in the community.By hosting travelers from around the world, we don't have to travel around the world. In my store, we can travel around the world through other people's experiences.This is Brendon's dream to embrace the biggest world in a small space.

The landscape of the journey

The particular aspect of the bicycle is that it can be fast and slow, and it can appreciate the beautiful scenery along the way.Between points and points, cycling or driving may miss a lot of things, but riding a bicycle can make you realize that, in the middle, it will fill up many of the opportunities.

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" I once listened to a professor who said, four billion years ago, there was a gene.The genes are passed down from generation to generation. From the point of view of genes, these four billion years have not been broken. As long as one of the links is broken, there will be no existence of our present existence.So everyone has a look at each other, and they are all four billion years of repair.As a result, he has always been keen on the passion of the man, taking advantage of every opportunity that he has to face.

Finally, Brendon shared with us, "Let's run out of our lives and pursue a dream again!""