Cai Yilin's wonderful speech on the 2019-2020 world tour, the past Cai Yilin, trying to live out of other people's hearts, and now she's walking, she's standing there, she's brave enough to tell everyone: I'm fine.

Can't see my beauty, you're blind.
aesthetic world who has the guts to say so absolute
- Strange beauty

Cai Yilin's songs, each can trigger a trend of imitation, and in the near future, we see Cai Yilin, is no longer the eternal pursuit of perfection days, she fades the gorgeous coat, she said, in fact, she wants to be the real self - she also hopes that everyone can accept the real self.

Since the launch of her new album Ugly Beauty on December 26, 2018, each song and MV of Cai Yilin has been released, which has aroused public discussion, such as breaking the old aesthetic concept of the grotesque beauty, the rose-going youth of the Ye Yongyu incident, and the negative music that embraces negative emotions from social care to the inner individual, Cai Yilin's song is fastening "to become a true self, without apology" core concept. (Extended reading: Cai Yilin Rose Sage Dance Version MV: Know Yourself to Live for Yourself)

And as he bids farewell to 2019 and 2020, Cai Yilin made a moving and powerful speech at the concert.

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Cai Yilin Ugly Beauty 2019-2020 World Tour 12/30, 12/31, 1/1 Three Days in a row at the Little Dome, this concert explores the inner self as the theme, in the form of "Magic Fiction", which divides Ugly Beauty into six chapters: Orphan Orphan, Conscious Desire's indifference to desire, Innocent Minds, Innocent Minds, Unhinged Heart, Innocent Minds, Fragile Sense, The Inner Hero.

She makes us more courageous to pursue our true self.

Three things Cai Yilin taught us at the concert to share with you.

Don't be afraid, explore the inner fear

As the concert began, Cai Yilin appeared with the giant Ugly Beauty skull and sang the "necessity of evil":

Inner room Dark space / Occasional evil, also to shake hands or kiss him / Don't blame yourself for having a negative heart.
I say I'm evil i'm in / I think necessary to make bad / necessary skunk face necessary dangerous necessary collapse

On the 20th anniversary of her debut, Shea reveals how she explores the inner and the real self step by step through each song on the Ugly Beauty album. I remember her 20-minute conversation with Mrs. Science, talking about not knowing Cai Yilin well in the past, and then gradually realizing the other side of her own vulnerability and inferiority because she had seen Ted Talk's fragile power. (Extended reading: Mrs. Science X Caierin Ugly Beauty: "True bravery is your willingness to give yourself value"

So she wrote her own introduction to the concert:

"The most scary horror story is that you always think you have no choice but to stay where you are. Boldly and i set foot on the road of inner heroism, and fear to see each other! I' always been there. 」

As she sings in the necessity of evil: do not blame ourselves for the negative, the heart has a dark thought, we must first try to admit those potential inner uneasiness, superiority, inferiority, fear, cowardice and then you will begin to be able to dig into the real power hidden in the heart.

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From now on, doubt the limits that others give you.

Cai Yilin said at the concert, the past, desperately want to perform someone else to her role set, but they have never doubted for a moment, what is the reason for such a standard? And how beautiful is it, is it really beautiful?

"I never doubted that you said I was stupid or stupid?" I can now finally know that, whether it's any title, male killer, ground talent, I want to gently put down this script and tell it, "This is your shit, not my shit"
"I can finally live myself, i can tell myself that I'm beautiful now, that I'm enough now, that I'm doing what I want to do now." I think that's a sign of growth, and it took me 20 years to get here. 」

In our growth process, always hear all kinds of criticism, we hear the first reaction, often to review whether they are not good enough, is not where to adjust, but rarely tell yourself: in fact, you are good enough. So like cai Yilin in the past, trying to live out the way others are, and now she's walking by, she's standing there, she's brave enough to tell everyone: I'm fine.

It took Cai Yilin 20 years to say that.

And what we can start doing now is to question the limitations of the roles imposed on us and tell those who keep criticizing themselves: this is your shit, and I don't have to pander.

No matter how long it takes, don't stop looking for your true self.

Finding yourself is not an easy process, you must constantly dig, face the negative emotions deep inside, listen to the inner child's thoughts, however, if you are willing to slowly face the real me, courage will slowly grow, will also know more about what they want. Cai Yilin also said:

"You are you, only you can give you the title, if you still have some, do not know who you are, please you must continue to dig into yourself." 」

Three things that Cai Yilin taught us at the concert, and at the beginning of 2020, we can take these strengths and have the courage to face the inside and take on each that is not so beautiful. Please embrace fear gently, boldly question the limits imposed by society, and then greet the true inner hero.