Adapted from the classic "Little Women," "They" will be released on stage in January 2020. Marg, who is the marriage-hungry, the four different types of girls who are reluctant to give up their freedom for love?

The film "They", adapted from the world's classic "Little Women," will be released on January 23, 2020. The film is written and directed by Greta Jeeves, starring Golden Globe starring Cersei Ronan, and the rest includes Emma Watson, Meryl Streep and Timothy Charley, a gorgeous, forward-looking cast.

Before you enter the theater, let's get to know the four sisters of the March family! They are Meg, Joe, Beth and Amy, who are equally beautiful, but have different personal characteristics.

Director Greta Jewei asked the actors to try to imagine what kind of life they might have lived if these characters had appeared in the 1990s. You may also be curious, now you, which "little woman" will be? Let's take a look!

STEP1: Do the MBTI quiz (5 minutes)
STEP2: Record your personality trait code (just record E, I, F, T)
STEP3: Look down. Who are you in "They"?

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Marg Meg: Rational ity and inwardness, pursuit of sincere love

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Codenamet T.I.

Meg, played by Emma Watson, is kind and loving. As a long sister, she always takes on the responsibility of taking care of her sisters when her mother is out. She longs for pure love, hope to have such a person, willing to accompany her through the long road of life, even if the hard and why not.

"Meg would try to be vain and lower her moral bottom line, but found that it didn't suit her at all. She would go to college and fall in love with a boy in a sociology or psychology class - because she was going to become a social worker or counselor. In the end, she would marry her first college sweetheart, give birth in her twenties, and be a great professional woman. To me, Marg is like a little mother, she's sensitive and willing to help her friends and family find their way. Emma Watson

Joe Jo: Sensational and extroverted, longing for a free life

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Codenamed F.E.

Joe, played by Saoirse Ronan, is blunt. She's not good at grooming, it doesn't matter if her skirt burns holes. Her eyes were hot, burning the desire to write, and she didn't want to lose the world for love. Dare to cry and laugh, in the strong appearance, in fact, has a soft heart. (Same show:"They" loves like Joe: I'm weak, I'm lonely, but I'm not going to be married)

"I think Joe will still move to New York like he did in the movie. She does some boring work for her, such as the editor of a magazine, but she also writes in her own name about her own life experience - and her creations may be wilder and more real than her own. Then she made enough money to go back to the country life she loved and have sex with anyone she wanted. (Can we say that?) Oh! Of course! Why not? Finally, she would set up a cool group of authors on the farm. - Cersei Ronan

Beth Beth: Sensational and introverted, yearning for a quiet dream

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Code f, T.

Beth, played by Eliza Scanlen, is quiet and shy. She often acts as a bystander, staring at everything in silence, the one who sees things best. She was gentle and sweet and was rated by her sisters as the most well-behaved girl. Beth loved music from beginning to end, and the rest had nothing to ask for, only wishing for ordinary stability.

"After high school, she passed the piano test with high scores. Then Beth will become a keyboardist for an indie pop band like Parcels. She has been vegetarian for life and spends all her free time at the weekend farmer's market, picking out cakes that don't contain egg ingredients. Alyssa Scanlon

Amy Amy: Reason and Extrovert, Go to ronghua's Future

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Codenamet T.E.

Emmy, played by Florence Pugh, is lively and enthusiastic. She lives herself precisely because she knows herself very well and knows her love and love. Life is short, why waste time, she wants anything to hand, although wrestling sometimes, but also too addictive.

"I think Amy will be as scared and surprised by her in her way as she is in the plot. She would still be in art, study ceramics, and be proud of her ability to make money. She hates playing with the monopoly because it's Joe who wins her every time; she laughs at Beth's taste in shoes; and she often calls Meg because she knows Meg will accept her anyway. - Florence Puy

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Women have the ability to think for themselves, their souls, and their feelings. Women have ambition, talent, and beauty.

Joe. "They."

The "Little Woman", which has been circulating for a hundred years, takes us to see the female looks of the 19th century during the Civil War. Looking back now, it seems that we can still see our own shadow on the four girls in the horse family.

No matter who you are in "Them" - or no one is like that, you just need to remember that you have the choice to always be what you want to be.