With less than a week to go until the 2020 presidential election. To you with pre-election anxiety disorder, let us step by step to resolve the trouble.

With less than a week to go until the 2020 presidential election. Now you are anxious about the unknown results?

This election, faced with many generations of estrangement, a lot of heated talk, the international community is also looking at Taiwan's future where to go. If you have a sense of politics, if you care about social issues, you may be unable to hold back and feel anxious about this election campaign, which is called pre-election anxiety. According to the 2018 National Mental Health Index Survey, the negative impact on the mental health of Taiwanese in each presidential election year over the past decade has been similar to the strength of the 2008 financial tsunami.

Has he ever written "Do you want you next year, or are you the same as you are now?" : Eliminate the root cause of fear and put the impossible into the impossible, and Jonathan Alpert, a psychologist, offers six solutions to "pre-election anxiety." At this moment, dedicated to love Taiwan, care about the future, some micro "pre-election anxiety" you. (Recommended reading: The belief of a tourist to return home to vote: no matter how far away, find a better way out for home)

1. Take action now (Take a action)

If you already have a clear political bias, you don't like a candidate. Then stop complaining now, stop swearing. To serve as a supervisor, to join the election team, to the candidate service as a volunteer, and so on, put into practice, will be more helpful than you in front of the mobile phone anxiety, network pen war!

2. Set the interpersonal boundary (Set boundaries with people)

In a democratic and free country, it is possible for everyone to have different political positions. Don't force yourself, or force others to talk about politics, because it can lead to more unnecessary disputes. When you encounter this, use the phrase "I don't want to talk about politics now" to resolve it.

3. Adherence to the "facts first" principle (Stick with the facts)

Anxiety, mostly from the unknown, especially during the election campaign, is more likely to have false messages spreading and spreading. If we have a certain level of understanding of the facts, or are willing to take the initiative to verify and adhere to the principle of "fact first", we can reduce our sense of anxiety. Can be easily verified through fact-checking platforms, robots and other services.

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4. Unplug the power cord and say goodbye to the network temporarily (Unplug)

If you feel that the information spread too much complicated, you can not test but feel anxious, at this time you can choose to close the phone, unplug the power cord, temporarily bid farewell to the noisy discussion environment, let oneself have a chance to catch their breath, good air, pay attention to the side, but for a long time did not pay attention to the scenery and family.

5. Get Up and Vote (Vote)

The easiest way to eliminate anxiety is to do something for it. On polling day, remember to get up early, finish your breakfast, and go to the polls to cast a decisive vote.

6. Take a step back and think calmly (Take a step back)

Finally, and finally, whatever the outcome of the election, let's take a step back. Even if the result is not as good as you originally expected, please believe that the land under your feet, to take on many of the intelligence and experience of the former land, rich in temperature and story of this land, will not be destroyed by an election. Please believe, because there are people like you, so our tomorrow really has a better possibility. Please believe that we have the opportunity to make better choices again and again. (Recommended reading: The confession of eighth graders: If you hate politicians, you should vote more)

No matter what your position is, no matter what your future holds, remember that it will not lead to eternal destruction because of a choice, and we can, and believe in your own choices, more so. On January 11th, go home to vote. To all the land of love, have the ideal of you.