Asian-American actress Awkwafina, who won best actress in a musical comedy category at the 77th Golden Globe Awards, takes a look at her story.

"I want to dedicate this award to Dad, Wally. Dad, I'll tell you I have a job. 」

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The 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony was held in Los Angeles, California, U.S. Asian actor Awkwafina won best actress in this year's musical comedy category for "Don't Tell Her," and, more importantly, she was the first Asian-American actress to win best actress in a film category at the Golden Globes. (Extended reading: Should I tell him if my family is seriously ill?) Don't Tell Her: Is it really a white lie to hide it? ) )

"That's great, thank you. If it's not going well after that, I can sell it (the trophy) so it's great. After taking the Golden Globes trophy, she joked, "I want to thank Wang Wei, our best director, you gave me the most important opportunity in my life, you taught me a lot of things and thank my grandmother, she is my best friend, the woman who raised me." And my mother, Tia, I always believed that you were looking at me in the sky, and I hoped that the moment would be the same. 」

You may not be new to Okafina, such as the witty pickpocket in "Breaking the Sea: All sides of the Sea", the "Crazy Asian Rich" heroine around a little crazy good sister, at the same time, she is also a rapper, network host.

The actor, who has a diverse face, is naturally happy, witty and funny, and can make people laugh at an opening. However, before winning the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical Comedy, she had also been criticised for her appearance and had a long-lost anxiety.

It's okay to hate yourself every day.

In an interview with Variety, Okafina said her biggest anxiety was growing up without knowing who she wanted to be: "I really don't know. I never felt smart enough to be an astronaut or anything, I thought I was a normal person. 」

However, after her mother's death at the age of four, she gradually found that she was a person who liked to make people laugh: "I just like to make people laugh, I have always been a clown in the class, never feel humiliated, I will make others laugh, do anything." 」

Since the launch of the song My Vag in 2012, Okafina has gradually caught the limelight, and has since been involved in "Breaking The Sea: The Eight Faces" and "Crazy Asian Rich", which has been recognized by the audience. However, she says it's hard to accept success.

"I don't know what that feeling is, probably when I catch a little feeling, she says she often thinks, "Oh my God, what am I doing here?" Can I really meet what others expect? 」

Self-questioning like this constantly arises at every opportunity, haunting her. It wasn't until she later chatted with a talk show friend that she learned that she might be a counterfeiter syndrome. But she chose not to reduce her anxiety, but to learn to accept it. (Extended reading:15 pictures to see the impostor syndrome: you're not good enough, just fear failure)

"I've always been a spoof, I've always been a little bit annoying myself, maybe a little bit more every day." But I think it's good, it keeps me on my feet, because your life can't always be a victory. 」
I'll always have imposimposter syndrome. I'll always hate myself a little bit bit, maybe a bit more every day, "she said little with a laugh. "But I think a good of it is good to make on on the, because you don't want to just be like, 'I'm winning!'

She always with a humorous perspective to face all kinds of negative emotions, well, I am a little anxious, a little afraid, then hate themselves is not actually so serious, another way to think, perhaps life is the need for some "negative emotions" to let oneself live a reality.

And she also took this optimism, in the face of the various criticisms of growing up.

Life's difficulties, with funny to face it

Former Okafina in order to promote the film "Don't Tell Her" interview, the film appeared on the Chinese website, but no one cares what she said, just keep messages attacking appearance, asked her to roll home, satirizing her "is it possible to succeed?" 」

Photo "Don't Tell Her"

And in her growth, but also often because of the face of the East, and discrimination, as well as stereotypes suppressed grow up. Even so, from Theo Kafina's comments in the past, we can see an Asian woman who grew up in the United States learning to be strong and know she has strength, she once said:

"I remember watching Zhao Peony with my grandmother. She is my hero, not only because she is very interesting, because she let me know that doing myself is a very good thing, as a yellow-skinned girl, can be a strong and brave woman. 」

After Okafina's award, you see the story of a woman who takes this firmness out of her own path in Hollywood, and also boldly tries out the music she loves, no matter how others attack it, with her wit, while maintaining her stoicism and doing what she wants to do.

At the 77th Golden Globe Awards, we saw the birth of an Asian filmmaker, but also saw a diverse female face, perhaps she is not so firm, self-confidence, but she chose to use a variety of optimistic humor perspective, to resolve all kinds of inconfidence, outside doubtand and criticism.