Los Angeles illustrator Amanda Oleander's long-distance interstitial collection of couples, even if separated many times, is still unaccustomed to this. Think of your night, is it the same over there?

What does life look like for cohabiting couples or couples when they close the door?

Amanda Oleander, a Los Angeles illustrator, notes that the closest moments between partners are in doors that no one else can see. No longer need to show the love to anyone, between us, count each other every inch of familiar smell, hair, temperature, scattered in this only belongs to our home. Here, it can be the safest corner for me to feel.

After Amanda Oleander married her husband, Joey Rudman, the life between the two became her creative inspiration, and through illustrations, she captured the happy days of love between each partner. However, also because their families live in different states in the United States, they sometimes need to be separated for a while. 'Love is beautiful, but it can hurt at times,' says Amanda. And I will be in our home, with the rest of your stay, to spend your temporary absence of the day. Long-distance couple illustration collection, to all also miss another person of you:

Listen to the voice on the phone and feel like you're kissing me.

Even if you are so far away, but good, your voice is in my ear, accompany me slowly fall asleep.

We hugged the pillow before we went to bed and pretended we were holding each other

It's another night. When you're away, I'll imagine falling asleep with you, as if I'd be at ease.

But Still can't help feeling hard, honey, I've missed you

When you come back, I want to touch the real you. I miss you so much.

Remember ingress smells of each other, what you do every time you separate.

Want to smell again, your hair, or the smell of the body;

Love you is a beautiful thing, in your love I feel carefree

Do you know? As long as I'm alone with you, I feel like I'm in a world that's not judged. Once our bodies are close enough, everything else seems to be gone.

No matter how many times apart, I can't get used to it.

Every time we leave each other, I feel like I have a pothole in my stomach. I should get used to it, but I don't think I'll get used to it. I love you, but love itself is sometimes hurtful.

Is it because I miss you so much, you're always in my dreams

After falling asleep, I felt as if you were touching me and comforting me. Counting down on the day of seeing you, it's hard and hard.

Hold one more before closing the door.

Every time, even after the door is closed, we want to have one more hug.

Sometimes before I go to bed, I'll be happy to shed tears.

I am grateful for everything in my life. You're right next to me, I'm listening to your breath, i know our love is here. I couldn't help but shed tears.

Or you'll stare at them until you fall asleep.

Sometimes he falls asleep first, you stare at him and see him sleep so well, you thank him for being in your life, you smile until you fall asleep.

Love can read each other

You must be with someone who has helped your physical and mental health.

Love is to see each other's tears

I cry with him when I watch a movie, what about you? Would you like to shed a tear in front of your partner?

Love is sometimes you have to give himself space

When you love someone, you understand that sometimes when he is faced with some life dilemma, you just have to stand in a certain position to listen. He must go through the journey alone. But your support and companionship, even if it's just a quiet stay, can make him more powerful.

Love can make you feel hugged

Love is rich, it makes you feel safe, and full of happiness.

Love is no matter how far we go, we'll know the direction of home

Perhaps love looks a lot like it, but with your loving home, it's the place we always want to go back to. Honey, we'll see you tonight.

Love is thank you for loving me, although every time separated, I will still be very unaccustomed, will also be a little complaining, but I will always because of you and more look forward to tomorrow. Love you like a dream, if you can, I want never to wake up.