An exclusive interview with Guotai Gold Control Public Relations Department Associate Liao Weichao, with us to talk about the importance of women's pursuit of economic independence.

Since 2011, women have been advocating for love for themselves, especially by encouraging women to listen to their needs. For many people, "love yourself" is a very abstract word, how to practice in life, there are challenges.

So we found these years to actively promote the female power of the Cathay gold control, we are curious, why Cathay will choose not only in financial insurance, but also in daily life to promote women love themselves, the pursuit of ideals, how do they make this concept concrete?

Today, we invited Guotai Gold Control Public Relations Department associate Liao Weichao, with women fans co-founder Chen Yixuan to talk about women from the daily to the economy, all need to be independent of the need.

Financial management is very important, for women is more

We all know that financial management is important, but still carelessly hold the "money is good enough" mentality.

The so-called sufficient may just be "break even", but you do not know the flow of your money, planning, and lack of consideration for future changes. But people can't think about the future, because every choice you make in your life is closely related to money, which is a reality. (Extended Reading: How do you live your ideal life and take risks?) Four ways to achieve economic independence)

How can you continue to generate income when you consider your retirement? If you want someone to take care of your life and live in old age, or to travel, learn languages, etc., don't wait until you're old to think, but when you're younger, start planning.

When it comes to economic independence, the key is whether you treat financial management as an important issue, not wait for a situation to happen.

According to a survey of women's influence in March 2019, 34.1% of 1,000 women are considered unnecessarily unnecessary to have a career, which is indirectly a barrier to women's economic independence. We further asked Mr Liao why economic independence is necessary for women. (Extended reading:2019 Women's Influence Survey: Only 8% of Women Consider Themselves Influential)

"If the economy is not independent, your living conditions will go from bad to worse. When you think that your judgment is not always accurate, and the economy is unstable, the current economic situation can't withstand a bankruptcy. Finance, he says, is like a floor, a steady monthly or annual income, to make ends meet, to achieve the ideal foundation, not to let the house collapse.

To achieve financial autonomy, first of all to improve their financial management ability, at least to make the monthly living expenses are stable, know their money flow, the next step and then slowly deeply understand investment and other methods.

Liao Yuchao Associate also gave an example, now are discussing long photos, worried about how to take care of parents, or who to take care of themselves, everything behind the money is related, but we often ignore this, so he suggested that we prepare early: "smart people are slowly connected, will not encounter, panic." 」

All I've always wanted to do is encourage people to love themselves.

Economically independent, in order to build an ideal life, and in the process, you must also through practical exercises, understand the needs of the individual mind and body. Cathay has done very specific things on the issue of promoting "love yourself".

In 2019, Cathay held a "love yourself, starting with you", a series of female-oriented sports courses, lectures, nearly 800 people to respond, hoping to regain their self-worth. The event combines yoga and aerobics to enable girls to find a balance between work and life through a series of activities. When we talk about the activities of the heart, Liao Yuchao associate will put the vision far away, he looks forward to promoting women's power issues, should be long-term planning.

In recent years, the rise of female awareness, as Taiwan has the largest number of customers of Cathay Gold Control, from the financial insurance services, there is no way to help, provide more resources to encourage women's autonomy? "I intuitively thought that it wasn't beauty, it wasn't food, it started with sports and health, " says Mr Liao. 」

Of course, he said there were many ways to get into the women's power issue, and the motivation of the event was to try it first. Doting yourself, the real meaning behind it is to love yourself and be yourself.

to be able to do it is more important than knowing

We are also curious, after the launch of the event, what is the idea of internal colleagues?

"The supervisor has a high degree of affirmation, colleagues will be very happy, the company began to pay attention to the relevant issues. But the most important thing is, "Then?" Liao Yuchao associate believes that if an activity can not create a sustainable impact, for the enterprise and society, is only a 1 activity. More important is how to add plus points: "2020 will hopefully be more active than in 2019." Size is of course a pointer, but the evaluation of the participants, the observer's evaluation is also important, in order to agree with what Cathay does. (Extended reading: Take back the right to "doting yourself"! Cathay Gold Control Leads the Women's Sports Course)

He stressed the value of women's activities, the ultimate core is to let all people "love themselves" action: "People pursue employment, the goal is to improve the family or their own standard of living, hope to be happy." But in the process of pursuing the goal, are very unhappy, unhappy.

Why do you say that? Liao Yuchao associate believes that people know to love themselves, but in fact it is difficult to do, so we must through education and training, activities and other ways, so that everyone can do their best.

He gave an example: "In the case of money and intelligence, what people think about is choosing intelligence, because we know that intelligence can buy money, but in the end it comes to choosing money." We always know, but we can't. If we give direction and lead all to the way of loving ourselves, it will not be difficult to go on the path of happiness.

This time with Cathay Gold Control Public Relations Department associate Liao Weichao's talk, saw Cathay's bets on women's issues, but also know that economic independence is important for women. When we know that loving yourself becomes a trend, the next step we should do is to practice. You can start from life, but also in the financial aspects, to pursue their ideal life.