The song I tell you what girls are afraid of all their lives and they are forced off the shelves in China. In fact, girls must worry about fear in their lives, perhaps far more than these eight things.

Recently, there was a song in China's platforms were forced off the shelves, only because of the talk of women's rights.

Its name is "I tell you what girls are afraid of in their lifetimes, about a girl in the process of growing up, what difficulties will encounter;

If you're a girl, you may have a heart, if you're of a different gender, and you're advised to listen, and perhaps how much you can understand what it's like to be a girl.

I was afraid and was discarded only because I was a baby girl

The first fear of birth is death.
No right to come to this world
Crying is too noisy
would become an ominous family.
No name to identify.
No blood to cling to
Just abandoning the baby has nothing to do with itching

Many baby girls, too late to grow into a girl, did not see the world at a glance, in the mother's belly, was selectively disappeared. For a family, it doesn't matter whether a girl exists or not. In the family genealogy, we usually can't find a woman's first name;

In an essay on the problem of ribs or chicken legs, the writer Li Pingxuan wrote, "I have found that among the many chicken poops, only the cousin's main course is chicken legs." Then I slipped into the kitchen many times to peek at the peeping. Even if it's not chicken legs, it's always the biggest ribs, the most meaty, the most hearty. Later, she had a philosophy about chicken leg rice, "I really just want to be a girl who can decide how to eat my own meals." 」

Second, I am afraid, live a life can not escape harassment

Second fear of three-color hotbed
Looking at the eyes in the telescope
Ice cream carts will turn into wolves.
The shredded skirts will attract dirt.
Even if you're lucky with your loved ones,
also inferior to the survival of the world

Girls are told, skirts do not wear too short, not late, drink ingle right, so as not to happen dangerous. Unbeknownst to me, the danger was never made by the girl herself. It's not sexual harassment or rape to be exposed again, to be naked.

It was the patriarchal system that changed, the social framework, not the girls themselves. (Letter: A Love Letter to a Taiwanese Girl: How Much Heart Hurt You Have, How Much Power You Have)

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Three, I am afraid, my only choice is to bear

Third fear of narrow classroom
It is the old ideas of the weak that are rampant.
The parody of adolescence
Growing up ashamed of yourself
To be pure
To be weak
If you don't fight him,
To obey the palm of the hand that came

From small to large, how do we learn about gender? Some schools use blue and pink as a gender divide; girls' uniformpants, usually trousers, are other than short skirts. Simple but crude, so that men and women are classified.

The teacher told us that the girl could not climb high, not to open her legs. Health lessons teach contraception, play thrillers about abortion, and seem to tell you it's a bad thing, and it's best not to have sex with someone else.

Will male students be reprimanded when they pull the underwear straps of female classmates? Or is it just a no-nonjury joke? When the girl began to develop, her chest was too big and too small to be made fun of, so she began to learn to feel inferior. (Recommended reading: From shoulder-strap boys to societies that acquiesce in rape: my body, not your game)

Four, I am afraid, hurt by a lover after no place to stretch

Fourth fear if a lover holds a knife
is that there is nowhere to escape.
Love words can be a violent pardon
Even how loud the cry for help is
But you have to fight for survival.
A execution is a matter of course.

Intimacy violence has always been ubiquitous, from verbal to physical, whether married or not.

One third of the world's women have been subjected to violence in their lifetimes. In Taiwan, for example, there are an average of 379 domestic violence incidents per day in 2018, according to the Ministry of Health and Welfare. (Extended reading:"He sends flowers first, then violence against me": 60-second video, telling the truth about the domestic violence cycle)

Five, I am afraid, chasing the dream but only for a head to break the blood flow

Fifth fear of discrimination is acquiesced
Climbing countless more walls than he did.
Unequal competition
The narrower the ideal square
The message of the upper color is always invincible
Successful women can't be beautiful.

When women are given fertility pressure, some companies won't take care of you, but worry that you won't be able to work as soon as you get pregnant, and are afraid to give you a job or a promotion.

In the workplace, women are often expected to dress up because it's polite - it doesn't matter if boys don't. Japan has a #Kutoo movement to take off high heels, South Korea has a movement to get rid of the armor without makeup, if not previously covered by too much, now do not have to work hard to remove layer by layer. (In-depth interview: Interview with Rookie Fund Executive Director Tang Wei: Believe that you can be boss without being a bossy)

I'm afraid that marriage is the only distance that can go

The sixth fear twenty-five is old
sold to the marriage market
There's a self-knowledge don't pick and choose.
turn into an item waiting to be considered
Man-made is the hall of marriage
What other ideals do women talk about?

Drinks that dominate the long-breasted market, with "Drink before the age of 25" as the slogan, and the body-shaping ad touting "Get Your 23-year-old 23 waist" are still in the ear. Not only the product, the whole society is saying: women's charm will rise with age and decline.

Perhaps we rarely think about who gives this discourse value? Is it really important? But often in turn to review their own, I really should be married to increase the strength, so as not to fall in the marriage market - long ago forget what childhood had a dream. (Same-on-the-spot: To 30: Complete Life should not be just a marriage certificate)

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Seven, I am afraid, having a baby only in response to expectations

Seventh Fear of New Life Ward
Nine dead and one life to the blood of the rapid flow of light
Still being blamed.
If the baby's sex is the same as yours,
Be considerate
To understand
Get used to raising alone
Accepting the award as a mother just

Following everyone's expectations, a woman who is pregnant and has children may have to bear the pressure of the child's gender.

I once came across a conversation: a mother said she had the pressure to pass on a generation for her husband's family, so she was eager to have a son for her first child, so it didn't matter if the second was a man or a woman.

I'm afraid, my daughter is as sad as I am

Eighth fear she'll make the same mistake again.
You're still powerless to stop
Afraid of this nightmare until he dies.
You can't wake up and you can't resist.

I'm afraid that after my daughter is born, I'll have to face this unfriendly world. I'm afraid the world is still full of discrimination and injustice.

I'm afraid she has to worry all the time about whether she's going to be sexually harassed or raped, I'm afraid she's been hurt by what I've been doing. (Pick for you: From Shirley, the death of Jola, to "82-year-old Jin Zhiying": it is the trivial things that overwhelmed us)

I'm afraid, you don't understand my fear

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I'm telling you what girls are afraid of all their lives.

Girls are afraid of pinhole secretly filmed, strange passers-by, afraid of message vortex, coaxing wine table. And I'm more afraid, we're used to being used to silence, we're used to letting power fall, and we're afraid that the people who finished this song think:

A woman is born, shouldn't she?

The song was taken off the shelves by Chinese authorities, but it was another kind of crackdown. Why do societies ask women to keep quiet when these fears are frequent in everyday life?

We've always wanted to encourage women to tell their stories. Perhaps one day, the girl no longer need to carry so much fear, can put themselves, peace of mind to live.