Interview with Tao Jingying, the first novel "21", the shell of science fiction, hidden inside is the real experience of women.

"Everyone asks me: Do you have a card? I do not have a card, is always writing, the source is endless. 」

Tao Jingying's first novel, "Twenty-One", is about AI robots and the fictional future world, a shot into the real, bloody female experience and family relationship. She said that when she wrote the book, there were many hidden feelings that poured out, and that was her pity for the housewife. Because I've seen too many women who go into the family, endlessly repressed, so I haven't been stuck.

I nodded, and Tao Zi sister to share the "21" in the passages of chicken skins, such as housewives feeding their children to drink milk, such as the mother's birthday, only hope that the child and husband to buy a cake for their own celebration, but feel luxurious:

Over the years, Kexin has learned to minimize his wishes, not to trouble his family, not to expect them to remember their own birthdays. Prepare everything, light your own candles after dinner, and "please" the family to come over and help her sing a short happy birthday song.

"Isn't it, it's called truth. Tao Zi sister smiled.

The novel "Twenty-One" begins with a virtual future, when AI can create a perfect human being, is it possible to replace those who gradually lose the family emotion? Tao Jingying lost the problem, and the problem originally came from her and her family on a tour: "My husband has been playing electric for a year." When I was going to Bali, I'd like to start by asking you not to bring 3C products. Then he brought (the tablet) with him, and I blew my breath. 」

Then she had a story in her mind that robots replaced her family, and began to think, writing about family relationships that were tinted because of technology, layer by layer, and later discovered that problems might exist edgy before technology appeared, just like women who gave up work to move into their families, their emotional needs have long been ignored.

If this woman can be an astronaut, but pick diapers and bubble milk powder pull steam her back to Earth.

It is a pity, Tao Zi sister said, she saw around too many mothers, married unconditionally to become the resignation of the person, forced to meet the needs of her husband and children, she will be branded with each story in the mind, write a book like pouring out. Tao Zi sister remembered the dialogue with the mother: "A mother resigned from the company to take care of children, I asked her, on the road to see office workers will not panic?" She said, "Yes, but I turned around and left."

Where are you going? Go pick up the baby. The mother said she was afraid to think about it.

You can't imagine moments when you're still pursuing your ideals in the workplace, and the more you think about it, the more you panic. Xing Xu into the family, is still living a comfortable life, want to participate in the book club to go, want to do yoga to go, but since then, the mother's life seems helpless can only revolve around the child. So walking down the road, every office worker you see is like reminding you of what you've lost.

What's the panic? I asked.

"It's out of touch. Tao Zi sister affirmed: "Out of touch with the world, is the most terrible punishment." It's like living in the modern world, but open your eyes, you have to go to Zhang Luo children's milk powder and diapers, do you know in the mother community, how much energy to choose milk powder and diapers? Of course, you love this child, but the whole process is the most terrible thing is that everything is killing your energy, just holding the child on the pain every day, every day thinking can sleep quickly to sleep, moms are locked in a labor-intensive state, there is no way to do anything else. 」

She made an analogy, if this woman has a great future, perhaps she can become an astronaut, can explore the new universe, but she has to be bound for all kinds of life chores. "If we have the ability to find new technologies and new opportunities for human life, it will be good, but we have no chance, no physical strength and no time." Tao Zi sister helpless lying, "Because we have to see which diapers will not make the child allergic." 」

You know, there are many things a woman can do, but how many people have to compromise, not bow, but lose in the family, neglected, and lose the opportunity to achieve themselves?

If every woman values herself enough, don't be wronged.

Speaking of which, I can't help but ask why women's consciousness is on the rise now, we encourage mothers to be themselves, why do women still have so much to do in the family, why do we still quietly suppress ourselves in the family?

"I think it's moms who don't take themselves seriously enough. Mothers will also feel that other mothers do this, and it's not right not to do it. Tao Zi sister took himself as an example: "I often say that I can't cook, maybe only a few simple." Once on New Year's Day I asked children if they wanted to eat McDonald's, and they asked: Ah? May I? She told the children, so that you are happy, you are happy. Children to buy hamburgers and fries, mother to fry two green vegetables, and then cook a soup, we watch the movie together for the New Year, is not very good?

Some people hear that it will feel so bad, Tao Zi sister smiled: "I said no, 365 days a year the children eat very well." New Year, I am tired, can I have a rest? Many people hold the name of a good mother and good daughter-in-law on a woman's head, without "taking good care" of the child is a dereliction of duty. She asked, "Do you ask this woman if you're tired for nothing?" 」

"There was a time when my child said he wanted to go shopping, and I said yes, but I noticed one day that I was hungry and wanted to eat hot pot first. They said they wanted to go shopping first. Tao Zi sister stared to imitate his own tone at that time, and the child said: "Your mother hungry to eat hot pot, have you heard?" She also and the children reason, hot pot shop afraid of no place, first to eat, and then go to see sincere goods, two children at first stinking face, eat also satisfied. Eat full mother is also happy, can let the child slowly stroll, this is not the best of both worlds?

Mother must be able to appease themselves, solve their own problems, in order to be happy, but there are too many shackles on women, asked mother to become the first victim, long-term down, to let others listen to their needs, more and more difficult.

"From the earliest chastity shops to the so-called good women and good mothers, none of these anachronistic rules have broken it. She raised her eyebrows and said, "We're going to break it like Hulk - I don't care, I'm going to eat hot pot first!" 」

I ask, what do you want to do to make you value yourself? Tao Zi sister said, understand "Zhang tiunn" (Taiwanese: make sex), to say their emotions and opinions - i am not happy, I want this now. Others should do, you do not need to shoulder, tired to death themselves.

"I took my son to the front of the washing machine that day, " she taught her son Xiaolong how to use the washing machine: turn on the switch, add washing powder, press the start. The son nodded and said good simple, she laughs, right ah good simple, primary school should be, why all mother wash?

"I did a lot, and then I was tired. I just want to express myself directly at the moment. I don't want to be a perfect mother, but because of this, I feel good, sleep well, the relationship at home is naturally good. Tao Zi sister said so. If every woman values herself, stop being wronged and suppress her voice.

And the family want harmony, mother to do their own, brave open heart to talk about all kinds of ideas and moods.

However, in addition to the mother's depression, there are many readers after watching "21", said that the family relationship and atmosphere, often depressed, but also do not have the courage to change this situation.

Next, let's listen to Tao Jingying's response.

In the middle, an interview with Tao Jingying: In the family, the most frightening sentence is "open one eye and close one eye"