MBTI 16 happy personality, for you, different personality, different stages, you will feel happy for different reasons. Spend five minutes together and get to know yourself better.

In life, do you feel that there are things that will always make you feel satisfied, do certain things, you will be easy to get happy? Or, conversely, have you ever been dissatisfied with your life but don't know why? In fact, our expectations of life, what you want most in your life, are hidden in your character.

The Myers-Briggs personality classification MBTI, which used to be used in the workplace, can actually be used to see what you're after. You have different personalities, what you need most, what you really feel meaningful, the way you recognize happiness, and so on, are different. Now, let's take a look at your happy personality!

Step first, complete the MBTI quiz (28 questions, test time is about 5 minutes) to record your personality traits
Step two, look down, what is your happy personality?

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1. ISTJ Investigator: Go On Perfect Plan

You are a very hardworking person and carry on a certain sound tone of life. It's like you're chasing loyalty in a relationship. Reliability and planning are what you think is fulfilling. You're very good at setting goals for yourself, and you're pursuing a high standard for yourself, and you want everything to be ticked off and done perfectly according to the to-do list. A sense of order gives you a sense of pure satisfaction and is the way you live with the world. At the same time, you also seek to be respected and appreciated by others.

Things that make you feel satisfied:

  • Know that your life is stable and safe
  • Master a skill
  • Have a personal quiet time and space

2. ISFJ Guardian: As long as you're happy I'll be happy

You are introverted, but you are also very concerned about others, pay attention to interpersonal relationships, and hope to ensure that the people around you are happy. You can understand the needs of others and expect that you can bring happiness to others. Therefore, it is important for you to have a loving, harmonious relationship. In addition, you believe that life is made up of thousands of details and moments, and that each detail and moment is full of meaning. You focus on the fun that every detail brings, and enjoy the people you love, who can be satisfied by relying on you.

Things that make you feel satisfied:

  • Have a friendly relationship with others
  • Accurate, careful work content
  • A moment to take care of and protect others

3. INFJ Consultant: The world has changed because of me

You like to pay attention to the emotional needs of others, and you can get a sense of satisfaction while paying attention. You're basically willing to be open-minded and to help others, and you enjoy the sense of purpose and presence. You often think about whether you can make meaningful changes to the world. At the same time, you also hold some kind of idealism, rely on intuition and your heart, and feel creativity and life power in this imagination.

Things that make you feel satisfied:

  • Read the books or movies you have liked
  • Stay in a quiet, beautiful environment
  • Helping others answer things that are emotionally distressing

4. INTJ Originals: Owning your own space

You have curiosity, and for you, satisfaction comes from exploring the meaning of the world and understanding the reasons behind everyday events; You will also feel full of energy by finding new ways to solve problems. And your character is introverted, preferring to stay in a stable, quiet environment, and every once in a while, you need regular alone time to recharge. You're also a little anxious to know what's going to happen in the future, and you'll imagine the possibilities.

Things that make you feel satisfied:

  • to be truly independent.
  • Find all the information you're interested in
  • Make plans for life and the future and find ways to achieve practical goals

5. ISTP Artisan: Finding Inner Peace

You need a lot of time alone, and you focus on everyone's independence. Therefore, you also desire to find a work with logical thinking, something you are really interested in, and only in such an environment will you find the inner peace you desire. And your mobility is basically high, and you'll want to be happy to build yourself by actively doing something you particularly like, especially by being able to do it independently with your hands, such as handwork, solo travel, etc.

Things that make you feel satisfied:

  • Traveling alone
  • Learn and explore new things
  • A game with strategic thinking

6. ISFP speakers: being able to engage in positive interaction with the world

Your happiness is built on interactions with the environment, people around you, and so on. Your character is friendly and warm, and you have a small group of particularly close friends. You are primarily influenced by the direction of perception, your intuitive thinking, which gives you special creativity in artistic, aesthetic details, and satisfaction in unleashing your potential. All in all, your acumen for the environment and your pursuit of aesthetics make you feel happy when you find yourself able to play to your strengths.

Things that make you feel satisfied:

  • Listen to music, or read stories that give you emotional identity
  • Have an intimate, unreserved conversation with a trusted friend
  • Do something or work related to artistic creation.

7. INFP Healers: Spend time on what you really believe

The energy of your life comes from the values you believe in and the way you find new things. Although you care about others, you don't like to spend a lot of time with them. You need time to focus more on what you think makes sense, and when you find that you have the space to be fully engaged in your interests without scruples, you will feel extremely satisfied. You are eager to break the norms that make you feel oppressed and unfree, and you are creative and need space to be able to play.

Things that make you feel satisfied:

  • Business
  • Know that you're different at least in some part
  • You can have a vacation without a trip at all.

8. INTP Architect: Find Your Strength in chaos

You are a logical and rational thinker, and you are creative. When you can draw a message out of your confused thoughts and act on it, you are particularly satisfied with it. Understanding how things work is a spiritual inspiration and cheering effect for you, but at the same time, your creativity makes you unconvinced by tradition and look forward to finding new directions through your abilities. You also like to be alone, you are not the one who will compromise to find consensus, and when you have the time and space to be able to play your own ideas and ideas, you will feel energetic.

Things that make you feel satisfied:

  • Explore new things on your own
  • Personal entertainment, preferably a bit challenging (e.g. surfing, skiing, etc.)

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9. ESTP Salesman: Embrace Anything Challenging

You prefer that life is flexible and mobile, not a plan or rule that has been made. And you're happy to live in the moment and try out unstable, short-term experiences. At the same time, you need to have room for self-play and support from the external environment; you can gain energy through the process of interacting with others, and you want to be recognized in the group. You are a person who needs to take risks to survive, so being close to nature, challenging your self-limits, is also one of the sources of happiness.

Things that make you feel satisfied:

  • Engage in improvisational performance activities, such as dance, music, etc.
  • Ability to have personal independence, unrestricted
  • Have a lot of time and space to be freetod of

10. ESFP Performer: I was noticed

Your life energy comes from living in the spotlight, someone gazing, and maintaining an interaction with others. Your focus in your life is on getting along with others and getting feedback. So basically, you're a very focused person around the environment. You have your own deep-rooted value-added view, you know exactly what you want, and at the same time, you have a character that is disobedient to the status quo, and you are less likely to stay in your comfort zone, but rather to pursue more adventure and more attention.

Things that make you feel satisfied:

  • Engage in improvisational performance activities, such as dance, music, etc.
  • can help people in crisis find solutions

11. ENFP Winners: There's always something new to taste

You get frustrated that you only do the same thing every day, so you'll try to make your life as full as possible. You are positive about life and are full of fresh proposals and experiences. Your outgoing personality is that you will gain energy through interaction with others. You have a value system that belongs to you, you value quality of life, and you feel realhappiness in the process of setting yourself up and practicing your ideals.

Things that make you feel satisfied:

  • Challenging a life of entrepreneurship and active effort
  • Plan your work or life with mesh radiometric thinking patterns
  • Find solutions for people in a mess

12. ENTP Inventors: Life Unconstrained by Social Expectations

You are a very intelligent person and can see the possibilities of many things. You want to be able to have your own development, and you don't need to be satisfied with the consent of others. Basically, you don't want to be kidnapped by a social framework, expect to break stereotypes, and are willing to take risks and try things you've never tried before. You like to debate issues related to logic and theory, and are willing to try different solutions. You need to experience a sense of accomplishment that belongs to life through constant questioning and learning.

Things that make you feel satisfied:

  • Challenging Extreme Sports
  • Watch horror or detective movies.
  • Self-created ideas are recognized

13. ESTJ Supervisor: Down-to-Earth Life

You have a set of rules of organization within you that you want to achieve satisfaction through methodical ways of doing things and thinking patterns. You enjoy tradition, keep your feet on the ground, and enjoy reality over fantasy. And at the same time, you also pay attention to the small details of life meaningful, master these details, will make you feel safe, but also let the mind calm down. You like to live a steady, step-by-step life, and you're content with the feeling that you can take care of yourself and prepare yourself.

Things that make you feel satisfied:

  • To cross things out of the agency list
  • Know that you've found the best way to do something
  • Learn useful new information

14. ESFJ Provider: Can Embrace a World of Harmony

Your mission in life is to make others happy, and you're good at connecting with others, and you're usually popular. You have a high degree of empathy, you care about the world, and you can feel satisfied when you get the smiles of others. You hope that you can live in peace and love each other in a warm and integrated environment. In addition, you desire to be united and recognized by the community, and your happiness often comes from being valued, appreciated, or cared for by others.

Things that make you feel satisfied:

  • What to fight for for others
  • Have intimate conversations with others
  • Understood by others, and cared for by emotions

15. ENFJ Teacher: I can meet the needs of others

You are often concerned about others, you are concerned about their emotional needs, and you do your best to want to meet them. You want the world to be more balanced and better. This is the way you recognize and create order. In addition, you are a person who pursues details, and you feel addicted to imagining and dismantling complex concepts, and you want to understand the composition behind these details, and thus feel the meaning of some kind of life. You feel happy and safe by understanding the inner and world of others.

Things that make you feel satisfied:

  • Work for what you believe in.
  • Can have in-depth dialogue and communication with others
  • Read novels, feature films

16. MARSHAL ENTJ Army: I can lead some changes

You're a strategic thinker who likes to take the lead and make change happen. You'll be satisfied when you develop a plan and provide a solution. Basically, you're a natural leader and like to excel on big, big projects; Your happiness comes from finding the most important meaning of life, and you like to discuss concepts, philosophy, and depict the future.

Things that make you feel satisfied:

  • Know that you've found the best way to do something
  • Learn fresh, usable information
  • Have an addictive debate with people who can talk to each other

Knowing your personality, you can find more ways to be good to yourself. When was the last time you felt happy? No matter what the day is, always remember, you will always be the one who has the ability to make himself feel satisfied.