Girls aren't wet enough, don't they want it? In fact, vaginal humidity does not necessarily represent the degree of excitement.

A relationship that many people dream of is a relationship that many people dream of. How do we usually judge whether the other person is happy? Maybe it's the sound, the expression, the limb, or the foreplay, or maybe it's the interaction between the two in the process.

Sometimes, when men want to express their sexual excitement, hardness is used as an indicator;

However, () hard not hard, (vaginal) wet, really can represent the degree of excitement? Today, let's talk about "lubrication humiliation"!

What is vaginal lubrication fluid?

First, first of all, to know what vaginal lubrication fluid (Vaginal Lubrication), also known as vaginal secretion, papline fluid, commonly known as """ or "" in sexual behavior has a moisturizing effect to reduce frictional pain.

Many people will see the woman's "wet enough" as one of the criteria for judging the sex process, arguing that it is time to "insert it." It's a simple and intuitive judgment, but it doesn't necessarily apply to everyone.