How are you used to starting a new day? According to Constellation expert Cindy McKean, the Zodiac actually has its own best morning ritual, and choosing the right morning ritual can help us see our growth as we move forward!

"Little Prince" mentions that "establishment ceremony" can make a moment special, so that the plain day has the meaning of being commemorated and cared for. For example, some people always put on makeup before a date to remind themselves how special the date is. Or some people start the day of the sprint with a cup of coffee every morning.

How are you used to starting a new day? According to constellation expert Cindy McKean, the Zodiac actually has its own best morning ritual, which can help us see our growth as we move forward. (Recommended reading: The Second Disease of the Twelve Constellations: The Things You Can't Compromise with the World)

Check out the morning activity that's best for you now!

Aries: morning jogging, maintaining first

For the aggressive, highly mobile, like-no-one, their morning ritual is an activity that requires vitality and a leading position. So "Morning Run" or other mornings is a good option. Through day-to-day physical exercise, the Aries will be able to take the lead in all aspects. While the others were still sleeping, the Peony had already run five kilometers and might not have!

Taurus: ready the day before, no burden the next day

As a member of the earth elephant constellation, fixed constellation, Taurus likes to steady play, according to the sense of order. Therefore, the morning ritual that works best for Taurus is usually a static, pre-prepared activity, such as a cup of coffee (ready the night before) or a favorite dress (ready the night before). When Taurus feels comfortable and stress-free, he will be able to spend the whole day well and the challenge will be solved.

Gemini: No matter what, I don't want to break with the world

For Gemini, who likes change and hates boredom, there's no such thing as "the most suitable morning ritual" at all, and they can get a steady stream of life inspiration and ideas in the midst of diversity and change. But there's only one thing that won't change, and that is the "social-friendly" personality that Gemini needs to connect with people and stay connected. So getting up and talking to friends on the phone, having a meal with your partner, and even turning on the TV to listen to others will make Gemini feel more energetic.

Cancer: Take a bath and get a good mood

As a member of the Constellation of Water Elephants, the morning rituals that make Cancer feel alive must not be associated with "water". For example, bathing, shampooing, for cancer is a very good wake-up ritual. Cindy McKean says that at the beginning of the day, nothing is better than taking a bath or a shampoo to get A cancer in a good mood!

Leo: Want to get attention from early on

Leo, which likes to take control of the big picture, is best suited for a "spectacular" morning ritual. For example, pick a nice dress for yourself, or send an Instagram for a limited time. The morning ceremony was a smooth start for Leo, and if it made Leo feel smooth, it would be more confident that it would be a smooth ride.

Virgo: High self-control, why should someone give advice?

Cindy McKean explains that Virgo, who has always had a high degree of self-control, may have already groped out her own morning routine and no longer needed advice from others. For example, sports, good breakfast, make-up, etc. , each Virgo has its own favorite and tendency of the morning routine, as well as enjoy it!

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Libra: not only the mental balance, but also the body balance

There is always a ruler in the measuring, pinched Libra, suitable morning rituals and "balance", such as morning yoga, stretching exercises, etc., can help Libra wake up, with full vitality to expand the day.

Scorpio: Get up early in the morning and have a strong heart needle

Scorpio, considered extreme and with strong personal traits, is also associated with intensity in the most appropriate morning rituals. For example, a very hot or cold shower, or a violent jog, or a full to-do list throughout the day, can get Scorpio startthe day with the most positive attitude.

Sagittarius: Meditation or yoga to make you freer

Sagittarius is a natural liberal who doesn't like to be tied to any restrictions, so it's a way to keep Sagittarius active. In addition to spontaneity, it releases body and brain activity and is well suited to Sagittarius. For example, meditation.

Capricorn: A day to start with a to-do list and make a good plan

Like the rules of Capricorn, the most suitable morning ritual is to draw up a list for yourself all day! Cindy McKean explains that listing tasks to be accomplished and the process of writing lists can encourage Capricorn to discover that many things can actually be done during the day and rest at night. (Recommended reading: To-do list is always on, but things are never done?) You need to use these four points to clarify the problem! ) )

Aquarius: Early morning positive energy, happy all day

The unpredictable, mercurial water bottle-seat fit for morning rituals is related to "love" and "positive energy". For example, reading a positive article and sharing a story of love can make Aquarius feel full of hope in life and start a vibrant day.

Pisces: Overcome slow-moving habits and move

For the romantic, slow-moving Pisces, Cindy McKean suggests that the most appropriate morning ritual is to speed up and really move. For example, limit the number of times you press your sleep alarm, arrange wake-up activity (such as exercise), and so on.

Do you like the morning ritual? Do you believe that morning rituals can make the day a better time? If you haven't tried it, follow the advice given by constellation experts, slowly develop the morning habit, make every morning special and irreplaceable!