As the saying goes, privacy is a woman's second face, but are you sure you know how to maintain your second face? For you to interview Zhongshan Hospital obstetrician and gynecologist Guo Anne, let the same woman's Dr. Guo teach you the secret of maintaining privacy and health.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, finally ushered in your long-prepared meeting, your racking of your brains, your back and forth confirmation, is to show the ability and professionalism in this meeting. Just when you're thinking about "doing your best", the privacy suddenly feels itchy and interferes with professional performance.

Have you ever been troubled by this, being uncomfortable in privacy, or having too much secretion?

According to the survey, 75% of Taiwanese women have had a private infection, and 45% of women will be infected twice in six months. In recent years, "Women's Privacy Maintenance" has become the subject of high-level discussion among women. But with so much discussion, so much talk, are you sure you know how to maintain your privacy?

Let's start with both maintenance and cleaning.

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Daily maintenance to do so, private place infection away from you

"Taiwan's humid and sultry climate, coupled with the complexity of women's privacy, can easily be infected in private if you are not careful, " said Ms. Guo, an obstetrician and gynecologist. 」

There are many possible causes of infection in private areas, including wearing inflated clothing, too often using pads, and not cleaning up your underwear, all of which may cause infection. If you want to avoid infection, work together to improve the following daily habits, and take good care of the privacy:

  1. Wearing baggy pants or skirts: Influenced by popular culture, women often wear skinny jeans in the hope of showing off their body curves. However, Dr. Guo suggested that skinny jeans should be kept to a minimum, to avoid impermeable to create privacy discomfort.
  2. Change the cushions and tampons: even if work, family, friends and then how busy, don't forget to take good care of their bodies. Work-for-tampons, cushions and other physiological supplies, can avoid bacterial growth, and at the same time, the choice of cotton underwear also helps to dissipate heat and sweat, so that air circulation.
  3. Toilet wipe from the go after: after going to the toilet, should develop the "wipe from after the go" toilet habit, to avoid the anus bacteria to the vagina.
  4. Before and after sex need to go to the toilet: before and after sex, remember to drink more water, empty urine is also one of the ways to prevent infection.
  5. It's important to make sure your underpants are really clean, because most of the secretions on your underpants are proteins that make them bacterial dishes.

A survey by British doctor David Cameron found that the average woman had 0.1 g of feces in her underwear, and a survey showed that 80% of gynaecological infections were related to underwear, so "ensuring that underwear is really clean" is definitely a key part of staying away from intimate infections.

But how exactly do you clean your underpants? Three ways to recommend you!

Care about the details of life you, not to miss the cleaning of underwear

Dr. Guo says neither hand washing nor washing machines are necessarily effective in killing bacteria in their underwear. Women who have been infected in private quarters are more likely to re-infect them because of bacteria left in their underpants.

To clean your underwear effectively and stay away from infection in private, you can do this:

  • Let the underwear be exposed to the sun for at least six hours, uv light has a bactericidal effect
  • Boil your underwear with boiling water for at least five minutes, and the heat can kill bacteria

Recommended to busy you: close clothing disinfection bag, save time and simple disinfection

Both of the above methods can be effective sterilization, but modern life is busy, heavy work, not necessarily have time and energy to slowly boil or home may not be convenient for the sun sterilization. Dr. Guo especially recommends the use of the latest, the highest technology of the "59S LED UV clothing disinfection bag upgrade", dedicated to busy and efficient you.

"59S LED UV-close clothing disinfection bag upgrade" in a time-saving and effective way to disinfect the underwear, through the physical LED UV lighting disinfection, is also the current general use of disinfection methods in hospitals. The disinfection effect is SGS certified -- it can be effectively disinfected in just 180 seconds, with a sterilization rate of up to 99.9%.

180 seconds, less than a song, can be fully disinfected and sterilized. Not only on weekdays to do a good job of private health care, to the privacy of sterile health environment, make good use of the convenience of technology, save time to their own, further achieve their ideal life.

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Starting from today, taking care of yourself is no longer just saying

True love of yourself is what you can do, love yourself like you love others.

You may worry that your lover isn't enough to get cold, you may worry about your child not eating enough and hungry, or you may even worry about your slow success in the workplace. But dear, have you ever faced your body with the same attitude?

Start by taking good care of your body, especially in the privacy of women who are vulnerable to infection and are often overlooked. Use a personal clothing disinfection bag to save time and keep clean, so that you can maintain comfort in all kinds of state, farewell to the awkward situation of itching in the privacy!

Your most vulnerable privacy is to "59S LED UV Close Clothing Disinfecting Bag Upgrade" to guard. And your most precious time should be left to yourself.