Try using miles-Briggs personality classification MBTI to set your New Year's resolutions!

Occasionally you wonder why the New Year's goals are not always well achieved. Maybe it's not because you're not bold enough, but because you should set your own New Year goals.

If you're still a little confused, try the common personality trait test in the workplace: Miles Briggs personality classification MBTI to find your new New Year's resolution.

MBTI divides people into 16 personalities based on how they interact with the world (introverted or outward-looking), how they handle messages (biased towardreason or intuition), how they make decisions (logical or sensory), and how they plan their lives (judgmental or perceived). In setting New Year's goals, you may wish to take their own character into account, but also to make the New Year's wishes easy to achieve!

Step first, complete the MBTI quiz (28 questions, test time is about 5 minutes) to record your personality traits
Step 2, look down and find your new New Year's goal

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ISTJ: Put down your stick and ask for help

You are very autonomous, independent, do not rely on others, your willpower and spirit is very admirable. But in the new year, you should open your mind and accept help from others, which will make your actions more efficient, and remember that seeking help from others does not mean that you are weak, but a show of strength.

INFJ: Accept your own imperfections

Whatever you do, you are very conscientious, visionary, and have excellent performance in every area of your life, but you should be more tolerant of yourself, the new year, lower your own demands, and try to accommodate imperfections, which will change your definition of self-worth and help you see things wider and more comprehensive.

ISTP: Look straight at your fears

You always meet the challenge with a lot of energy, while at the same time being able to keep your head around it and act without impulse. But sometimes your heart is too closed, and in the new year you need to learn to face fear, such as joining a new volunteer group, sharing your experiencewith with others, and meeting more new people.

INTJ: Live in the Present

INTJ everything can be prepared in advance, the new year, what you should do is less planning, a little more live in the moment, to enjoy every good moment, because you can make decisions faster than others, quick thinking, so you actually have more to relax, live at every moment.

ISFJ: Accepting Magnesium Lights

In the eyes of others, you are very diligent, humble, trustworthy, this year a little more self-confidence, enjoy the praise others give you! When you're on a mission, or you're reaching your goal, don't rush to push the credit out, try to take everyone's attention and enjoy your success.

INFP: To build new relationships

You are naturally sensitive, gentle, can be said to be peace-loving people, but also know how to appreciate the good of others. In the new year, you should try to make new friends and re-establish relationships with old friends and share your love with more people.

ISFP: Don't belittle yourself

You are a person who is easy to understand and attract, you can always observe the movementarounds around you carefully, however, because of this observable trait, it is easy for you to fall into comparison with others. I hope you will stop self-deprecation in the new year and put more observation on yourself to find your own strengths, not others'.

INTP: Speaking Of Your Strengths

You are good at analyzing everything, including yourself, but over-analysis often leads you to question your thoughts and actions. So, give you a new exercise, is every morning deliberately to practice self-affirmation, say what is good, simply spend a few minutes, so that you have more confidence.

ESTP: Setting the Boundaries of Challenge

Hey, slow down. Knowing that you've always been bold, pragmatic, socially capable, willing to take on challenges and embrace life, but you need to know how to draw boundaries for yourself, you don't need to nod to anything and say yes, you know, not every rejection means you're going to lose something.

ENFP: Find a way to release pressure

Brave, fearless to step out of the comfort circle, is your characteristic, but you may have long ignored the pressure to do harm to themselves, you should learn to trust others, will be emotional and psychological pressure off, or find someone to express, do some meditation, exercise, find a way to find their favorite comfort method.

ESFP: Establishing a Daily Ceremony

You are resilient, round, and able to touch new things, but sometimes you accidentally lose your self-worth and can't find your future goals because you're too quick to integrate into the group and the new environment. Instead of rushing to find new challenges, you should try to build stability and daily rituals in your life.

ENTP: Clarify what you want

Your wit and vivacity appeal to many people, but you often don't know what kind of future you're after, and suggestions are to stop, listen to your inner voice, and set a time each day to calm your mind and rethink yourself (e.g. yoga, meditation) to help you figure out what you want.

ESTJ: It's your responsibility not to take other people's business as a responsibility

As a leader in a group you often take as a responsibility of everything else. This year, keep yourself for a while, reflect on past successes, and know how to recognize yourself when you're rewarded for your work or schoolwork.

ENFJ: Taking care of your own needs

You're never stingy to help others, but you forget you need a break. Now take out your calendar and keep a period of self-healing time on top to help you stay in your best condition and deliberately take care of your needs!

ESFJ: Give yourself me time

You are a warm and loyal friend, but this spirit of dedication, often let you forget to be good to themselves, and forget to worry about personal feelings. Start now, you need to be alone on a regular basis and put love on yourself.

ENTJ: A lot of things are on let go

You are full of ambition and energy, always want everything to be in control, but too hard, only to exhaust yourself. Know that it's not possible to go as you want to, so you need to start practicing let it go and know how to let go of certain things.

Do you know your New Year's goals better when you're done with type 16 personality? Bless us in the new year to achieve our goals :)