Take stock of the winnings and defeats in the 2020 presidential and legislative elections.

Today (January 11) presidential and legislative election results came out, in these months, we have seen the people of Taiwan's concern for politics, and at the same time, we have seen the diverse appearance of female politicians, who speak and speak on issues of concern to them.

Women's fans believe that gender is politics and also focuses on women's participation and experience in the political sphere. Previously, we took stock of the 2019 women politicians. And after the 2020 presidential election, the legislative election, also want to show you, these women in politics to win and lose the election.

(Defeated) Hualien legislator Xiao Meiqin

Photo: Xiao Meiqin Facebook Fan Group

Today's results disappointed supporters, but the election was temporary and personality was forever. Although hualien's political environment is relatively special, but I used to serve the folks, and strive for construction, are non-divided parties and ethnic groups, but also has received many folks warm care.

Thank you each of you have been with me, there are every folks friends warm gas, you do my back, I can come to today; The environment can not be changed overnight, we have always been very weak at the grass-roots level in Hualien, only one long, three county councillors, two representatives of the public, so I will continue to train young people in Hualien to continue their efforts in politics.

I would like to bless Mr. Fu Kunxuan, Hualien's future will be undertaken by Fu Legislative Council and Xu County Governor, and I would like to bless another opponent, Dr. Huang Qijia, although the people in politics, but this time he showed a firm attitude in the election campaign, admirable. This time we are all hard, thank you.

(Defeated) Hsinchu City Legislative Council Candidate Gao Hao

Photo: Takahashi Facebook Fan Group

I really want to thank everyone who has been here, including those who are here now, and for the more than 60,000 votes they voted for me. Today, the results of the election have come out, this side, I would like to admit that I lost the election, although there is such a result, in fact, I think that absolutely our efforts are not enough, there is no way to win the approval of more voters, so I would like to speak with all of you here, as well as the supporters here.

In the past, when I was an engineer, I knew that when I was in trouble, I had to find a way to find a solution, but I knew that my ability was limited, but after this election, it was not only a matter of verifying that politics was a group of people moving towarda a goal together, and I certainly knew, There is no limit to what a group of people do together.

(Winning) Lin Shufen, Legislative Councillor of the Second Constituency Of New Taipei City

Photo: Lin Shufen Facebook

Shufen would like to thank the team and volunteer friends who have accompanied Shufen along the way, with the help of this group of partners, Shufen can sprint to win!

Today's victory is not a personal victory on behalf of Shufen, but a victory for the people, is the people willing to let Shufen win, every vote promise, the weight of each ticket, Shufen dare not forget, will never forget!

"Standing on the side of eggs" has always been Shufen's political values and beliefs. In the next four years, Shufen will be more dedicated, please continue to accompany Shufen, for injustice voice, efforts, dare to insist, tell the truth, supervise state affairs, for the people's mouthpiece, so that our lives better, so that the next generation of children can live in a more equitable and better society.

Thank you again to all the people of Luzhou, Wuyuan, Triple East District, but also thanks to all the friends who helped Shufen canvassing along the way, Shufen will continue to work hard, not to be trusted!

No matter who supports the election period, from this moment on, we must unite to make Luzhou five shares of triple better, so that the city of New Taipei better, so that Taiwan's future will be better! Please also continue to supervise me in the future.