"I'm glad we're holding each other's hands, not just my husband's hand, but also taiwan's young people holding hands to defend democracy. On January 4th, YouTuber Thai Hot and Her Husband married, and like our love, it shined high.

YouTuber Tyla and "Husband" get married on January 4. Last November, he po edged out a set of wedding photos, proud lying out: gay marriage can be so happy, so beautiful. (Moving review: Tyla Thai's wedding photo with her husband: If I know I love you, why prove to whom to show)

Mr. Tai said he deliberately put the wedding before the presidential election. He feared that if the election results were not satisfactory, the gay community would be hit hard and he would not be able to celebrate. When the election results came out, we finally stood by the value of same-sex love. Ty Hot wrote this on Instagram:

"I'm glad we've always held each other's hands, not just my husband's hand, but also taiwan's young people who hold the hand of defending democracy." 」

In this wedding, we see Thai Spicy breaking the framework of many heterosexual systems and patriarchal legacies. Who says that gay marriage is low-key and not a light? Thai spicy to high-profile shine - if the world has not set a stage for us, I will create it myself.

The most romantic is not to be a queen, you are with me dream

"Thank you for staying with me to make my dreams come true despite the disgusting shots. You are always wooden, even calm to let my friends worry that you do not really want to marry me, but perhaps only I understand you, I understand your romance and serious, and we know that this is enough happiness. - Thai Spicy Tyla

Some people who are tracking Thai Spicy know that he is a fan of "Censor", "Such as The Biography", we all call him Thai Spicy Lady. In addition to and her husband specially to China to shoot the second set of wedding photos, happy post also adopted the style of purpose.

Photo: Ty Spicy Tyla

This wedding, even there is a lift car into the bridge section, people have marveled: gay wedding, do not do is already, a scare you. (Laughter)

Photo: Ty Spicy Tyla

To bridesmaids and sisters: I want us to be beautiful together

In many weddings, bridesmaids and bridesmaids must be paired, otherwise they will be unlucky. But at the Thai wedding, the new man and bridesmaids stand up, you can see the gender flow. Thai spicy friend G egg pudding is a physical male, but as a bridesmaid to attend the wedding, they are good friends, but also close sisters.

"Everyone should know that the definition of bridesmaids is: the person who accompanied the bride to marry, so it is not necessary for women, and vice versa, bridesmaids are not necessarily men." - Thai Spicy Tyla

We've all heard the words: bridesmaids exist to support the bride, to avoid stealing. This sentence, perhaps only half, the wedding protagonist is indeed the bride, but who said the bride and bridesmaid can not be beautiful together?

"On the wedding day I told me to cut autumn, be sure to make them as beautiful as I am!" There is no bride afraid of bridesmaids to steal style, we want to be beautiful together to the old! - Thai Spicy Tyla

Photo: Ty Spicy Tyla

The happiest thing is that our love, our family also witnessed

If you've ever been to a heterosexual wedding, some of it is the father who leads his daughter in and hands her to the groom. Many people will be moved at this time tears, that symbolizes a girl grown up, finally leave the nest, to go to the other side.

In fact, this time is also very suitable for gender flipping.

A woman does not exist as a dependent father or husband and does not have to move between the two. That way, she can go by herself. Similarly, it is not up to the father to lead the bride in the field. That man, as long as it is important to the bride, then everyone can do it.

This time, it was sister Anya who led The Spicy into the room.

"Anya is my sister, this time in addition to leading the bridesmaids, more importantly, she is my family representative, but also in place of the shy father to lead me into the field. - Thai Spicy Tyla

Photo: Ty Spicy Tyla

Previously, Anya also helped Ty's boyfriend plan the marriage proposal.

There is a family like Anya, who loves you, protects you, never questions your choices, becomes your backing, and accompanies you through the size stage of each life. (Same-field addition:"When you storm, I'm your back-up" "Ice and Snow Edge 2" Anna taught us: There is a dream to be with someone' side)

"The longer our brothers and sisters got together, the more they even became part of my circle of friends. - Thai Spicy Tyla

Photo: Ty Spicy Tyla

My Wedding Day: You have to listen to me when I'm in my place

Perhaps you've also attended some weddings, full of lengthy guest addresses or traditional ceremonies, and the newcomers are not the main characters, just the actors. (Extended reading: Is the wedding a celebration for a new person, or is it a parent's work? ) )

Thai's wedding is his wedding to his husband. He doesn't follow any customs, he only follows his own heart.

She specializes in fashion design, for the united states, has its own set of standards. He in the magpie, attached to the wedding dress code, asked guests to comply, so that the picture is shot to look good.

Photo: Ty Spicy Tyla

Since it was a wedding of their own, the participants followed the rules of the event, but it was not too much. Breaking the inertia of "guest-oriented" and "guests' greatest", Thai Spicy shows us how to be yourself when we hold weddings.

Interestingly, he still wrote ,"Welcome to dress up, try to get beautiful through the palace can be," so the day's flowers, the Buddha fashion stretch.

The so-called love, is that we complete each other

A long road, every relationship, there have been difficulties. The best love, is I in your eyes, clearly see their own.

"I do not ask everyone to love me, such popular love is not necessarily what I want, but a few people who know how to cherish me, really love this hundred me." - Thai Spicy Tyla

Photo: Ty Spicy Tyla

Thank you, Thai spicy, let us see a moving wedding, in which there is gender flip, there is pure love. Looking forward to the coming day, we will not say "gay wedding" - when the gay wedding is no longer a rare thing.

"To dedicate this wedding to every rose boy, 15 years old I also think that the world is only dark, but as long as you strive to fight, there will be a crack to let the light in." The crown was worn by me, so no one could take it. You all have to bloom happily in the sun! - Thai Spicy Tyla

As Thai spicy said, there will be no darkness in the world, rose-colored you must have met a happy day. This happiness, not necessarily by who to give, not necessarily appear in love, but you can become their own strength.