Foreign studies indicate that the duration of the warm-loving period is usually 6-24 months, which causes the "warm-loving" effect to be caused by the brain's neurotransmitter phenylethylamine (PEA) being driven, and the effect of dopamine and positive adrenaline, resulting in a feeling that two people who have just fallen in love have a sweet unwillingness to separate.In this way, the secretion of chemical hormones can make people feel happy, energetic, physically and emotive.

But the end of the warm-loving period is not both the same, and sometimes we would like to be able to continue to feel warm to each other. If you are faced with the problem of the end of a period of intense love, or if you want to start working hard to extend the feelings of the two people, let's try to find out the following five methods!(if you want to see more, there are Narcis-loving topics: )


Every day is a new challenge, and of course your other half is.He tried to find a variety of different occasions when he was at work, his friends, and his friends, and when he carried out all his favorite recreational activities, he would have a different face.

Make life more diverse

A static lifestyle will erase a person's passion, and the sparkles and passions between the two will be weakened by the boring life.Don't just go to the same store for dinner, don't go out in the same place (or even stay home), find some places where couples are dating, or arrange a tour of two people (or ask him to help arrange a different outing in a spooy manner).If the lives of the two men are too busy to make a busy schedule, then start with the three meals!Occasionally arrange breakfast or lunch dates, and will not be lost as a minor in busy life!
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At any time

When you are in love, the relationship between the two people depends on the progress of each day. In the best way to deal with a relationship, you have to try to get yourself out of your way.They accept and face each and every change, and face all kinds of changes that are brought about by their emotions.Remember, don't lose yourself, no matter what.
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hidden evil

has the advantages and disadvantages of each and every one of them, and after a long period of time, the benefits of attracting people may become less attractive in the eyes of each other, even as a matter of course.At the same time, we may be more focused on each other's shortcomings, leading to the alienation and dispute between the two.Hey, think about what I was in love with him.This is not to tell you that you have to completely neglect his shortcomings. The disadvantage is that we can work together to improve it, but don't ignore each other's strengths.

Remember to make friends

scientists confirm that hugging can reduce people's anxiety and can increase our happiness index.Physical contact not only brings warmth to the body, but also gives comfort to restless emotions.If two people are not in love with each other, usually the way they hold hands, hugs and kisses is the most direct way to maintain their feelings!(Have a Embrace Wall )

The five ways to stay in love with you want to help heat up your emotions. Bless you every day is like Valentine's Day!

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