You want your boyfriend to become more and more like yourself, never ever recast your love, and be the wish of all the girls in love.But have you ever claimed that you have performed well in love, yet suddenly the lovers have asked us to break up?The experience of the?

In fact, this "I'm doing well in love!"The idea of this may be that the love of her boyfriend is gradually getting cold and cold.This time, womany wanted to start with a male mentality and tell you why he was so passionate about his passion.

The passion of the boy is gradually fading away.

Men who fall in love rarely lose their enthusiasm at the moment, usually by dearsing love in a phased manner.In the hot love period, even though girls occasionally reveal small defects that are annoying by their boyfriends, as long as they are a little spoiled, their boyfriends are often able to turn a blind eye to the other.It's just these little friction, but starting to accumulate, it could be a killer that would have cooled the lovers.

What exactly is the reason for your love to make up for the friction between you and me?

First, it is a quarrel.

A small dispute that doesn't matter if it happens every day, not only will the passion of her boyfriend gradually cool down, but it will even lead to a break-up.Even after the bickering, a small dispute that is too often and well-often and pointless will leave a lot of goose bumps in the hearts of the boys.

In addition, if each time a quarrel is started, it is not good to solve the problem and not listen to each other's mind, so that it can be easily resolved in the past. This attitude of the horse and tiger is the key to losing enthusiasm for her boyfriend!

Calm down the ground calmly and face each other's problems calmly when it is quarrel or unhappy, and propose solutions to each other. Don't force them to be forgiven because they are people they like. They are the focus of allowing the two people to maintain their love for a long time!

Don't let yourself take too much of the edge

in the course of engagement, it is possible to scare the boys out of the way!It is not only the appearance but also the attitude of getting along with each other without fixing the edge.When dating, always complain about the East, complain about the West, and talk about the negative topics, but the boys are sure to feel the pressure!Emotional emotions are both bi-directional, and they want each other to be shared with each other. Of course, they also have to be happy together.Don't let your boyfriend go to the trash for a day or a night, remember to share your happiness with him all the time, and believe that the other side will be willing to share your sad wounds!

In addition, the use of money at the date of appointment cannot be countersigned because it is already together.Don't keep a mentality of "dating that man paying", and properly express your willingness to share equally, so that the possibility of friction between each other will be greatly reduced!

Why is it always easy to break up after an outdoors trip?

When you go abroad with your boyfriend, or your boyfriend is travelling abroad alone, it is usually the easiest time to have a crisis of hands!What exactly is this?Travel abroad allows us to be in a different culture, at which time people often look at their real needs through a completely unfamiliar environment, and whether or not life is right for themselves.Travel may give each other notice of the importance of being accompanied by such a company, and may make the shortcomings of the country more magnified.For this reason, it is more important to pay attention to the relationship between the two people and to stick to each other. Only then can we maintain a lasting passion for the people!

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The boy's passion for love is often gradually reduced by the friction of emotions. As long as the heart finds out, many of the frictions of each other can be found.I believe that smart people will definitely know how to make love and self-happiness. From now on, practice as a warm lover and move forward together towards a better self!

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