Do you prefer to stare into each other's eyes during sex, or pursue more exciting sex positions?

Everyone says that the new year is about setting a new challenge for yourself, so have you ever thought that you can add freshness and more challenges to sex? Perhaps January is the time for you to change.

According to Bustle, who interviewed astrologer Cindy Mckean, she says it's time to try something new in bed this year. If you don't know which direction to change, she also follows the 12 constellations, giving the corresponding direction of sex, if you want to add freshness in bed, you may want to refer to it!

Fire Constellation

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Aries - You have to understand, put your happiness first: masturbation

Even if your partner is not short, there is no need to be alone, you know, even if you have a person, you have a way to give yourself happiness. If you're hungry for sex at this point, don't necessarily need to find someone, try to see masturbation, because only when you masturbate do you know how to put your happiness first. When masturbating, you can use your hands, toys, pillows, or stimulate your head in the bath and slowly find the way to suit you.

Cindy McKean says: "During this period of dry sex, you should try orgasm control during masturbation (Edging, which means prolonging sexual stimulation, but not letting yourself orgasm, prolonging your excitement), so that your enthusiasm will be more intense than having sex with others." 」

Leo s try to see, the thrill of surrender: handcuffs

Leo's you, very personality, also do not easily bow with anyone, in bed you, is the same? So the new year, in the case of sex, perhaps you should try to be subserified to someone's taste, just need a table or chair, handcuffs, arrange role play, enjoy the pleasure of surrender and control, you can add more excitement and freshness!

Sagittarius shows true self in eye contact: missionary

Sagittarius you, do not want to easily pay love, always step by step slowly walk, until really understand each other, dare to let go of love. So for Sagittarius, increasing intimacy between sex is one of the challenges of 2020. Cindy McKean suggests: "Sagittarius should add intimacy to the bed, stay sincere, and take it slow." 」

As a result, the missionary style, which focuses on eye contact, is the most suitable for Sagittarius's ongoing attempts in 2020.

After reading your own constellations, also want to see your partner's constellation?

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