12 Constellation Sex Posture Water Image: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio you, you can try these poses, for life a little more fun!

New year, hope to make a little change in the day?

Cindy McKean, an astrologer, says it's time to try something new in bed this year. If you don't know which direction to change, she also gives the corresponding direction of sex according to the 12 constellations:

Water Elephant Constellation

Pisces from Passive To Active Control: Reverse Female Upper

Pisces, who don't like to change the status quo and have a hard time turning away from others, will be able to break through your atrium and take control of everything in your life, including your bed posture, in 2020. Cindy McKean says pissycins are more passive as conditions flow, and it's time to become active in bed.

So Pisces, you can first try the reverse female upper body, sitting on the other half above, by their own take the initiative.

Cancer Is Completely Relaxed to Enjoy: Sex in the Bath

Cindy McKean says: "What Cancer needs most is complete relaxation and liberation, and there is always a worry in your heart. She suggests trying water-related sex positions, such as taking a bath, to relax. Also because sex is more dangerous in the shower (slips accidentally), so if you want to try a new pose, you can do it in the bathtub and take the female upper body.

Scorpio - Let Go and Make You More Free: Love

Scorpio is used to controlling everything, so 2020 is a good time to switch roles with a sexual partner. Cindy McKean says: "Scorpio should let your partner show off his sexual skills, and you're too much in control, especially in bed. 」

Letting your sexual partner take control allows Scorpio to experience a better sexual experience. At this time may wish to try to let each other for your love, the love between the two people will have more sparks.