12 Constellation sex poses: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra's You, these poses allow you to increase your partner's interest

In 2020, is it time to make a difference in life? Astrologer Cindy McKean gives the sex direction according to 12 constellations, allowing you to increase your partner's interest:

The Wind Constellation

Gemini if two people need more freshness: open sex

Gemini is more flexible in bed than others, says Cindy McKean, "As the most flexible constellation in the constellation, you're open to all kinds of sexual positions, even so-called multiple partners having sex together." 」

Of course, not everyone can accept a sexual relationship between two or more people, so if you want to have sex like a trio, be sure to communicate and coordinate well, in order to create a good experience.

Libra - Slightly Pulled Away, More Love: Puppy

Libra 2020 should try to reduce excessive attachment, cindy McKean says, which is difficult for Libra, after all, that Libra's guardian planet is Venus, and that Libra will be able to achieve sexual satisfaction and physical balance if it is slightly detached from sexual relationships.

So what libras can try in 2020 is puppy-style, with one side lying on the ground and the other bending on the back, believing it will also bring happiness.

Aquarius - Finding a Reason to Focus On Day After Day: Missionary X Little Toys

Aquarius in front of the crowd, always a carefree, big lama look, to let you focus on the same thing is not easy. Cindy McKean 2020 suggests that Aquarius should prioritize passion: "Under Uranus, you're more likely to feel the current running with your partner, which is one of the factors that stimulates your sex." 」

So it's recommended that you, in Aquarius, try to add small toys to add to your interest in the missionary style of keeping eye contact.

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