What kind of sex poses will taut cattle, virgins and demons fit to try in 2020?

Astrologer Cindy McKean recommends suitable sex poses for 12 constellations of personality, let's take a look:

The Earth Elephant Constellation

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Taurus - A little more soft in the feelings: sitting back bend

Taurus is often careless in drilling the tip of the horn, and very stubborn, so in the sex need a little more softness: "Although familiar things make you feel more comfortable, but the new way can change your sex life, over time, your curiosity about different positions in bed, will be transformed into experience." Cindy McKean.

And the sit-down bend sit-in with yoga is a good start for Taurus, where your partner sits down, stretches his legs, sits on top of him, and slowly lies back, making the two sides more intimate.

Virgo - Try it with different people: about the gun

Virgo loves to build habits, says McKean, "they feel comfortable on their own turf." So in the new year, if Virgo is willing and ready, you may try to see sex with different people, not necessarily in a fixed sexual partner.

The Magic Stakes , Your Sex, Needs More Stimulation: Anal Sex

Cindy McKean says 2020 will be a challenging year for Capricorn, so if you can accept anal sex, you may be able to start doing your homework and mental preparation! You can combine puppy style with your partner to get pleasure through your partner's genitals or toys.

Of course, these gestures are just suggestions, in the sex is very important is to feel comfortable, safe, in order to wholeheartedly put into each other's hugging and contact, so if you can not accept, or with the partner can not coordinate well, do not have to force yourself Oh:) in fact, the most important thing is that you can find their favorite sex posture, That's the way to really make yourself happy.