Dreams may be a reminder that there are some emotions in life that should be handled well.

Have ever had a dream, how much do you remember?

People can dream an average of 3-5 dreams every night, a few seconds, a long 20-30 minutes, sometimes the dream is too real, let you wake up can not help but guess that this is not a prophecy, such as dream ingle family died, dream to the Middle Lotto, dream to the predecessor. Studies have analyzed the type of human dream, with 81.5 percent of those surveyed dreaming of being chased, 76.5 percent dreaming of sex scenes, and 73.8 percent dreaming of falling from a height.

There are many types of dreams, and many people like to try to analyze them to predict the future and understand their inner self. Before you parse dreams, you need to know that people who dream more frequently and lifelikely during the rapid eye movement period (REM) are awakened during the REM period and can remember more plots. According to Robert Stickgold, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, when a human comes, he or she remembers no more than 10 percent of the dreams, so it can be challenging to remember them in its entirety.

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How do I start parsing my dreams?

First, you can wake up and use your notebook to record your dreams, the more details you can, including writing down the personnel. After you record your dreams, you can ask yourself a few questions, such as:

"What's happened to myself lately?" 」
"What emotiondoes does this make you?" 」
"What happens in real life that causes emotions similar to those you have in your dreams?" 」

According to Retired psychologist Tore Nielsen, a mentor at the Dream and Nightmare Sansin Hospital in Montevideo, Canada, dreams are a combination of past memories and recent memories, and many of the images that appear in dreams are somewhat consistent with the situation of the previous day and the previous week, and he is not random. Nielsen Example: The week before you went to the Flower Museum to see flowers, maybe next week you'll dream of flowers.

Robert Stickgold says your brain calculates which newly formed memories are most valuable and not yet fully understood, allowing them to appear in dreams. For example, you've been in a car accident recently, and you may have another form in your dreams, such as a bump with your son, and your son laughing while you're driving, but you feel like you're under a lot of pressure.

"Emotional memory will be preferred in our dreams. Robert Stickgold says that if you nearly get into a car accident, you'll have negative thoughts when you're in a dream, and that dream may be an attempt to downplay the dangerous and traumatic memories you're experiencing in real life.

"Many patients live under great stress and therefore cause anxiety in their dreams," said Medalie, a behavioral sleep medicine specialist at the University of Chicago. According to my clinical experience, the mood during the day will affect your dreams. 」

So if you think, you'll find that even if you have the same dream, everyone will have a different feeling.

Falling, loved ones dead, being chased: What kind of past might my dreams present?

Of course, if you want to know how to resolve your dreams and interpret them, we've sorted these for you:

When you dream today about something you didn't want to do in the past, it's not necessarily something you want to happen. At this time, you can use the dream to clarify, whether in the daytime, what kind of emotions or pressure slack is not properly handled? How can I eliminate anxiety?

Analyzing dreams is an interesting thing, you can use this to dig yourself, but also remember that dreams are not directly to give the answer, but to show more possibilities for the future, the next time you finish the dream, you do not need to be too depressed, decisive conclusions, dreams actually let you have more imagination for the future!