From the dark side of human nature to marriage management, is there anything to watch for at this Oscar? What kind of story is the shortlisted film telling? Let's start with six movies and a look at the golden sentence!

What impressive films did you see last year? The shortlist for the 92nd Academy Awards in 2020 has been announced, with films including "The Joker," "Once In the Past, Hollywood" and "The Irish" all shortlisted for more than 10 awards. From the dark side of human nature to the dark corners of society, is there anything to be said for this Year's Oscars? What kind of story is the shortlisted film telling?

The 2020 Academy Awards, which will take place on February 9, will take us a look at the six films before the ceremony begins.

"They": Who I am, where I want to go, it's up to me

I'm tired of hearing people say that love is all about women. I'm really tired of listening.
- "They"

Photo : "They"

"They" is based on the classic literary works "Little Woman" adapted from the film, to find Meryp, Emma Watson and other well-known actors to co-play, re-interpreting women's diversity and possibilities from a modern perspective. In "They", some people strive for ideals, eager to create personal achievements, some people yearn for marriage, and love to build a family is the goal of life, some people because of wealth, can experience more freedom.

This is a powerful film, "Little Woman" has become a classic for a long time, because now look back, it is still teaching us to bravely go out of their own way.

Marriage Story: We love each other is a fact, and it's true that we can't go on

I know him two seconds to fall in love with him, even if love him has no meaning, I will still love him in this life.
Marriage Story

Photo: "Marriage Story"

Fairy tales always tell us that after the marriage of the leading actors and actresses, they have lived happily ever since. But "Marriage Story" to say that even if married and have children, if the problems between the two people are not well communicated, solved, that happy days will only exist in the fairy tale. Co-starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, the power actor starring Scarlett Johansson reveals the true face of the marriage with a heart-thin sentence.

This is a close to life of the film, you can see that they love each other, but also can not ignore between the two people to do not know how to deal with the problem, understand the love to go on the process.

The Irishman: Bad people, not all that bad

You can't imagine how fast the time is going, you see it's too late. But you don't have to worry about that, because you've got a lot of good times.
The Irishman

Photo : The Irishman

If you love The Godfather and have a passion for gang culture, "The Irish" is certainly a gang drama movie you can't miss. A series of crime stories unfolded after a truck driver was rewarded by an Italian gangster. You can see the different sides of the gang's struggle for the interests of characters, the moods of the protagonists and the little ones, and those who are regarded as "bad people" by society.

It's a big-screen movie, with big-name actors such as Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese seeing the rise and fall of the gang's history.

"Once upon a time, there was a Hollywood": Do you want to be the one struck out of the times, or do you want to be the one who abandoned it?

Hey, you're the best Dalton! Don't forget about it!
Once upon a time, there was a Hollywood.

Photo A Hollywood shot from the past.

"Once upon a time, there was a Hollywood story that led the audience back to the golden days of Hollywood in the 1960s, and some people have said it was a love letter from director Quentin Tarantino to Hollywood, but in the midst of love letters and historical re-enactments, it's also a good idea that people who are always considered to be over-the-top, live-dwelling, conservative, have actually worked very hard." Is it time to say that the times eliminated them? Or did they abandon the times? Leave you to take a closer look at your tastes after the Oscars.

It's an honest movie that honestly tells men that they can be vulnerable and that someone is willing to catch themselves.

The Joker: Before you hate my darkness, see me with hope

I only hope that my death is more valuable than my life.
The Joker

Photo: The Joker

The Joker, conceived as the main villain in DC Comics, tells a story that goes from ordinary to great villain. In The Joker, you see more than the clown himself, the "Arthur" who once believed in good ness. He had dreams, he had love, he had hope. But people tell him in various ways that he, as the bottom of society, does not deserve to have these dreams. Unworthy.

It's a heartbreaking movie, but before you break your heart, feel soft and love. You really can't help thinking that if we could all be more at the same time.

Parasitic Upper Stream: Can the poor have other choices than those who live in the rich?

Money is an iron that flattens everything.
- "Parasitic Upper Stream"

Photo : "The Parasite"

The South Korean film "The Parasite," which just won the Golden Globe for best foreign language film, also won four Oscars, competing with other blockbusters for director, screenplay and other awards. Parasitic upper stream is the story of class and the rich and poor, the protagonist family living in poverty, because the fate will find the "parasitic" in the upper-class society, but they can really live a lifetime under the protection of rich people? Or do they have any other choice than parasitic?

This is a very metaphorical film, you look at the main character family, will think of a few familiar street pick-up figure, and then unconsciously pray, hope he can eat today.

The six Oscar-winning films, from female to social class, must resonate with you, and there must be something that will inspire you to think deeply.

The film is the beginning of the question, the solution to the question, and the existence of a documentary. Write down those in society who are concerned and don't care about.