Interview with Gillian Chen, Head of Public Affairs and Marketing, Standard Chartered Bank," who spoke to us about the spirit behind the Standard Chartered Marathon and how Standard Chartered connects the public good with the marathon.

What challenges do you set up for yourself in the new year?

Do you get up early every day, read a book a week, build a habit every month, or challenge the limits of your life , such as running a marathon?

Taiwan's pointer-based marathon, the 2020 Standard Chartered Taipei Public Service Marathon, will be held on 1/19, and this year's theme, "Without Limits, without limits", combines diversity and inclusion with visual impairment issues, making Taipei's Slaghorse more unique than seven other cities.

We're curious how Standard Chartered got Diversity and Inclusion into everyone's routine and allowed people to see it as a challenge, year after year. In an exclusive interview with Gillian, head of public affairs and marketing at Standard Chartered Bank, she smiled and threw a direct message:

Ask you why you ran first?
What's your reason to run?

Some people for the sake of health, some people for the record, some people use the marathon as a friend reunion moment Everyone has a reason to run, Standard Chartered through the theme of the marathon set, so that the runner's reasons more firm. Standard Chartered in 2019 has set the theme as Be fearless fearless because they hope that the marathon will help everyone overcome mental or physical uncertainty before they can begin to challenge the limits, so the 2020 theme is "No Limits."

When you overcome your fears, the next step is to challenge yourself.


"You have to have an experience, you can't see it next to you." Gillian laughs that he didn't run a marathon before, but joining Standard Chartered and going to the game for himself to feel the spirit of the marathon more and more, in fact, is very much like living, like experiencing life.

On the way to run, you can be his eyes, for him to see a flower and grass

Visual impairment has been a concern of the Standard Chartered Group, and as a result, Standard Chartered Marathon has been open to runners since 2016 as visually impaired runners, and then held visually impaired running training camps to allow for a smoother mutual assistance between the two sides.

Marathons are like experiencing life, and visually impaired runners play an assisting role. Gillian says: "The runner sits safely with the visually impaired runner. More importantly - you are his eyes, whether on the river or in the city, can show him the scenery on the road, a flower, and tell him what you see. 」

"This is the most beautiful place in the marathon, you can see the different trajectories of life, whether it is spiritual or life. Every year, Standard Chartered also takes out lucky runners to run marathons in different countries, such as Singapore and Hong Kong, and this year's runners will have the opportunity to experience malaysia.

Standard Chartered Marathon responds to the annual absorption variable, and its internal partners are equally active. Standard Chartered employees also set up the "Seven Horses" club the year before last, all of whom have run the Standard Chartered Taipei Public Service Marathon, and their goal is to challenge the marathons in seven other countries.

Futuremakers: You can support his dream

With a highly pointer-based visual lycability public service marathon, it makes me better to have a positive focus on vulnerable issues, such as the 2019 Standard Chartered Group's launch of the Global Futuremakers program, so that resources are not just stuck with the visually impaired, but vulnerable young people aged 16-35, with an expanded impact. I asked Gillian, what does Standard Chartered want to influence?

"Not only to feed the fish, but also to teach him to fish." We want to make the help more powerful. Gillian says that talking about help is not just about understanding the dreams of the disadvantaged, but about finding resources for them. For example, Standard Chartered will partner with Mandarin Oriental Taipei in October 2019 to work with vulnerable young people in the Department of Catering Management and Tourism, so that they can actually experience the real workplace catering management, but also to understand the difficulties on the way to achieving their dreams, to help them prepare early.

"We attach great importance to how we support this group of people, and what matters is quality, not quantity. That's why Standard Chartered doesn't give money directly to schools or families, but wants to really help, fulfill their dreams, balance quality, have influence, and continue to replicate the same approach to more people. 」

Standard Chartered's ideal Futuremakers program is to keep this type of Dream Workshop alive and to support more people every season. The 2020 Standard Chartered Marathon, which encourages runners to donate to support the Futuremakers program at the opening of enrollment, received nearly 1,700 donations totaling more than $1 million in just over a month.

Such love also embodies the meaning of Futuremakers: perhaps the pursuit of a dream will encounter many challenges, not alone can be accomplished. But we see that, in addition to being our own dreamers, each of us has the opportunity to be the dreamer of others.

D-I: Not just talking, it's more important to do it

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Standard Chartered Taiwan, and when we talk about the case of corporate advocacy for diversity and inclusion, there is no shortage of Standard Chartered's deep-drilling and initiative for multi-employment for the visually impaired.

Standard Chartered has assisted more than 550 visually impaired people in diversified and stable employment over the past six years, so-called diversification and stable employment, refers to not only limited to a single industry, but the visually impaired can play in different fields, such as aromatherapy, information, catering, banking, etc., and more than six months or even years of stable work.

Standard Chartered's internal electric sales team is one of the success stories, an all-blind people composed of the electric marketing team, from the equipment to the work atmosphere are friendly visually impaired, this mutual assistance group model, can produce a cluster effect, in the workflow more smooth.

Multi-inclusive for Standard Chartered, not only to speak, but also to practice, just like running a marathon, a long road, you do not go to run, never know how he will change, affect your life. And in the future, they would like to work with more enterprises to complete this marathon together, and continue to promote diversity and inclusion.

If you also care about diversity and equality, and expect you to be part of understanding. Run with Standard Chartered, support the public good, and achieve diversity and inclusion together!

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