In Joe's eyes, marriage has never been a woman's only way home. When Qingmei Zhu Maroli proposed to her, she immediately refused. Everyone thinks it's better to marry a handsome boy, but what about that? For Joe, what she was pursuing was not marriage, but freedom.

Your childhood, perhaps also has a "little woman." It is written by Louisa May Alcott, who tells the story of a four-year-old daughter in the Ma dynasty during the Civil War.

Time goes by, and to this day, we can still see some of our own shadows from the little woman's body. (Same-on-the-spot:"Do You Want Love or Freedom" "They" Type 4 Personality Quiz: The Role You Choose, Revealyour True Desires in your Heart)

This time, let's have a chat about the main character, Jo! In fact, love of reading and writing Joe, is the author Louisa's self-projection Oh!

In the film version of "Little Women," Joe plays Saoirse Ronan, the heroine of "Lady Bird." If you like ladybird, which grows as a female star, you'll love Them, too. (Recommended reading:"Pick a film for you" "Lady Bird" If this is the best me, do you want to? ) )

Joe: "I suggest you take your own boat and don't come back unless you try the life you want." 」

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Joe, 19th-century atypical woman

Compared to the elegant Meg, or the shy and calm Beth, or even the petite Amy, Joe is "like a boy" - she is forthright, wild, bold, though often accused of being a woman who is not a good enough lady.

A thick long hair is one of the highlights of her appearance, but she is usually stuck in the hair net, lest it get in the way.
The original novel of Little Woman.

Joe doesn't care much about appearance, and he's not good at dressing up. Her skirts were often burned by a hole in the stove, and she didn't care; or accidentally burned Marg's hair. On one occasion, Rowley met Joe for the first time at the dance, and he invited him to dance with him, but he refused.

Joe: "My skirt burned a hole and Marg told me not to move, no one would notice the hole." 」

Do you see that? It was big sister Marg who asked Joe to be careful, and maybe Joe himself didn't mind at all.

Joe: "I like the boys' work, the games and the manners. 」

If you've seen the trailer for "Them," you might be a little impressed: when Luo Li introduced the four sisters to her friends, everyone smiled, only Joe gave his head confidently. From these little places, you can see that Joe and the other girls, there is a little different.

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Joe: Love, not all women

Whether before or now, girls are often given such expectations - dignified, gentle, physical and submissive, and then into marriage, become a sage helper, big sister Marg just fits this discourse, and therefore contrasts with the outgoing Joe.

Marg: "Joe, don't say such vulgar things again." 」
Joe: "I like strong words that express emotions. 」

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Joe has always been unaccustomed to Marg seeing marriage as a goal in life. She loved writing and dreamed of becoming a writer. In Joe's eyes, marriage has never been a woman's only way home.

I'm tired of hearing people say love is all about women.

Joe. "They."

So when Qingmei Zhu Maroli proposed to her, she immediately refused. Although everyone around him thought it would be nice to marry a handsome boy, but what about that? For Joe, what she was pursuing was not marriage, but freedom.

Joe: "I'm going my own way." 」
Aunt Ma District: "No one can go their own way, especially women." 」

There were so many roads that Joe chose the one that wasn't good to go. Seriously, it's not a pity, it's just hard work.

Be yourself at the same time, you can also be vulnerable

Joe is a strong girl. She doesn't cry much, and among the four sisters, she has always played an optimistic and bold role. In fact, behind a strong person, often need to stand alone against many vulnerabilities and sorrows, in order to stand in front of everyone.

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When the family was in desperate need of money, Joe volunteered to cut off a hair, causing a burst of public alarm. Joe said, it's okay, the hair will stay again. However, in front of her mother and sister lookrelaxed, but in the dark, a hiding in the stairwell tears, for their cut hair feel reluctant.

Joe is a sunshine presence. Although she sometimes dazzed, her mother and sister wanted her to be "behaved", but if there were no roles like Joe's in the family, It would be much bleaker.

So, Joe knew, even if they have some pain, should be strong, light up their home.

It's like love. Seven years after Joe rejected Rowley, she and her mother talked in the attic.

Joe: If he asks me to marry him again, I'll probably say yes. 」
Mother: "But do you love him?" 」
Joe: "There is no love, no love, but I'm really lonely." 」

Joe can't fool herself - she doesn't really like Luo Li, she doesn't really need marriage, she's just afraid of being alone.

Modern women like Joe.

It is common to have doubts about beliefs. Like the non-marriageist Joe, it also conflicts with himself.

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We can also try to reflect on the meaning of feminism. What do you think of a feminist? Strong, independent, proud? Is it a feminist who aspires to a successful career and rejects marriage? Or what kind of person is it good enough to talk about feminism?

Feminism, eager to create a number of long-distance negative path. Every human life experience is different, so he has a diverse perspective. It remains the same, feminism is based on gender, the core is equality, acceptance and respect.

You don't have to be a feminine person who has to look like it.

As Roseanne Gay says in "The Confessions of Bad Feminists": "Feminism is not perfect, but it serves as far as possible to guide the changing culture." Feminism really helps me to speak out. In a world where there are so many voices to hear, feminism convinces me that my voice is important. 」

The ultimate goal of feminism is that everyone, regardless of gender, can be himself.

Women have the ability to think for themselves, their souls, and their feelings. Women have ambition, talent, and beauty.

Joe. "They."

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Love like Joe: You'll be lonely, but you won't be married.
Go like Joe: You'll be vulnerable, but you won't give up on your difficulties.
Live like Joe: you'll be in pain, but you're not bound by the frame.

Be what you want to be, be yourself. Like Joe, the atypical woman, the bad Handsome Lady.

Joe: "I'm Joe, and I'll never look like that." 」