"Sometimes I just want to lie down. Six sex positions, recommended for you who are lazy today.

It's lazy winter again, it's a good fit for someone to hide in a quilt to keep warm, or to have fun with your dear partner and date.

Sometimes, although i like the beauty of sex, but also when lazy. How can you enjoy his bed time with out of the difficulty?

Recommend your six provincial sex positions, and try it with him tonight!

Double Starfish Two Starfish

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Let him lie flat in bed, turn his hands and feet open to present x-shaped, and you climb on him and have sex in a female-to-male manner. Next, you need to tilt slowly back, keeping your body close to the bed, and making your body X-shaped.

If successful, it should be a very labor-saving way, but only if the two limbs to be able to coordinate it!

Pretty Ride By Sitting Pretty

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First, let him sit in a chair, and you sit up again. Then, instead of shaking as hard as the average woman, you just have to slowly rotate your hips without putting any pressure on your knees, and he doesn't have to do anything to enjoy it quietly.

The deformed female upper position, suitable for although lazy but still want to have the dominant power of you.

Dog-down Din dog

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Editor's Recommended Index: ★★★

When you're lying down, put a pillow over your pelvis and let your body slightly arch it, and let him into your body. Secretly tell you, heard that this posture is easy to stimulate to G point, not quickly to verify!

However, it is also said that G-pointdoes does not actually exist. If you want to know the answer, you have to try it.

Winding Missionary Wrap-Up Missionary

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It's like a normal missionary position, but you don't have to raise your knees, you just have to wrap your legs around his hips and your arms around his neck. This posture allows his pelvis to rub your clitoris and helps promote orgasm.

Classic position, there must be its strength. With a few slight deformations in the familiar way, you can easily enjoy sex.

Two tablespoons Two Spoons

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You two lie sideways and let him hold you from behind and lift your knees close to your chest, just spread your legs slightly to get him into your body from behind.

This position, very suitable for waking up in the morning, but also sleepy eyes, do not want to be the other side to see their own wolf-like moment.

Sofa Puppy-style Sofa Doggy

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Lie on the sofa or bed, but remember to let your shoulders relax. Then let him into your body. The advantage of this posture is that, unlike the traditional puppy style, you don't have to put all your strength on your arm to avoid tiredness or soreness afterwards.

This position is comfortable and relaxed, but remember not to fall asleep!

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A perfect sex requires two (or many) of the two sides to coordinate. Try it with him tonight and see which pose is best for you!

Here also intimate for you to organize the "flirting" related articles, let you tease each other, for the emotional warmth.

Wishing you a hot night! (Laughter)