"I was beaten hard when I stole my mother's makeup. From that point on I found that the original world, not what you want to do, can do. Tai Spicy found his sexual ity too early, too early to appreciate the world's unkindness. From black and white to rose, it is a long road of pain.

How strong a person is now, how heartbroken the past is.

YouTuber Tyla, in front of the camera, dares to speak out and laugh wildly, much like the name he gave himself. Many people know that Thai spicy, is from the end of last year, he and her husband's group of gay wedding photos, amazing people. The couple also married on January 4, 2020, to spend time with friends and family.

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In our eyes, as YouTuber, Net Red and designer, always full of self-confidence, do not want to give in to who, just want to be good. In fact, the seemingly optimistic Thai spicy, also experienced a period of dark times, only from their own body to grow strength, and finally become a rose.

Photo: Ty Spicy Tyla

15-year-old I want to end my life at 30

Tai Spicy found his sexual ity too early, too early to appreciate the world's unfriendly.

"I was beaten hard when I stole my mother's makeup. From that point on I found that the original world, not what you want to do, can do. - Thai Spicy

In the process of growing up, Tai Spicy gradually found that he and other boys are somewhat different. Classmates always when he went to the toilet, jokingly want to know if he was a real boy, or deliberately put the door against, do not let him out, and then poured water into the inside.

These so-called "jokes" are not funny at all. For every child with gender temperament, gender identity and sexual orientation, it's extremely painful.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with the people who conform to the mainstream values of society. And this dilemma will not only happen to gays, from the state, race, religion to gender, sexual orientation and so on, anyone can become a minority or weak.

That is why gender equality education must exist. If we had been taught from an early age to respect diversity, perhaps so many people would no longer take discrimination for granted, and children of these sexual minorities would be able to grow up on their own and not have to spend a lot of time turning back to healing.

Photo: Ty Spicy Tyla

Before you become the light, you must walk through a lot of darkness

This is an age that encourages everyone to do their own thing. Everyone says to be themselves, but doesn't tell you how difficult it is to be yourself without worry.

Tai said in the film that he became so strong because he found that when he showed weakness, he was vulnerable to bullying by others. For example, when he was a soldier, he would deliberately pretend to be man: "It wasn't to change the original me, but to know that I was in this environment now, and to avoid harm, so I chose to do that." 」

To be yourself, not one step away, you have to go through a lot of pain and fumble in the dark. Perhaps one day, we no longer have to show masculinity, no longer have to pretend to be another person, but can really know themselves, understand themselves, embrace themselves.

So, what we should do together is to create a friendly environment. To comrades, to sexual minorities, to the disadvantaged, to all people.

"My children are brave, and I expect our society to be friendly. - Thai Spicy Mom

For the rest of my life, let me go on as Gay.

"I want to end my life at the age of thirty, and it's my birthday wish when I'm fifteen." In the present, can only feel the malice of the world, Buddha trapped in a well full of opposition, afraid to live with these things for a long time, perhaps such a thought let me struggle to climb up, climb out of this well that originally did not belong to me, but also gradually leave the group will only open their mouths and noise frogs. - Thai Spicy

Now the Thai spicy, very spicy, very strong, very brave, and finally found their own happiness belong.

Give you a spicy 10 words of courage, I hope to accompany you through the sleepless days, I believe that the future will be more beautiful.

Every time someone tells me that you are beautiful, you are very confident, I will hit from the bottom of my heart to think: yes, I am like this!

Tyla Thai Spicy

Fifteen-year-old me, also think that the world only dark, but as long as efforts to fight, there will be a crack to let the light in.

Tyla Thai Spicy

Now I have fully accepted myself, liked myself, and even wanted to be Gay for the rest of my life!

Tyla Thai Spicy

Life in the past is an important nutrient for me. For better or worse, it has become who I am now.

Tyla Thai Spicy

With a shining and beautiful self, flash those ignorant discrimination and attack.

Tyla Thai Spicy

The crown was worn by me, so no one could take it.

Tyla Thai Spicy

My most beautiful is not the face, but love their own self-confidence.

Tyla Thai Spicy

Everyone has their own life, and no one should be tied up by whom.

Tyla Thai Spicy

Let's go on and gently overthrow the world.

Tyla Thai Spicy

As long as I dare to imagine, I can be any way.

Tyla Thai Spicy

Photo: Ty Spicy Tyla

"I have a lot more now than I have lost in the past, all the good and happiness of the moment, for me to be very down-to-earth, there will be no kind of illusion that can disappear at any time, because I know that these are all I have worked hard to get." - Thai Spicy

Expect everyone to go smoothly on the path of "being yourself", and we also hope that our society, our schools, our families, we respect diversity and our inclusiveness, and build a true utopia.