Why do we need to start talking about "insecurity"? Let's take a look at Will Smith's example.

Admitting to vulnerability can be challenging during a relationship, Will Smith recently admitted on the radio that he was extremely insecure when he was dating his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

We know that will Smith and his wife Jada are now extremely free, and they believe that love is not to please each other, that love is not to try to make each other happy, but to let the other person do what he wants to do, and that Jada has said, "Will can do whatever he wants." (Extended reading: Love doesn't take much effort to please each other!) Will Smith's marriage

And in a conversation on the radio show, we see Will Smith honestly telling that he was jealous of his wife's relationship with his high school chum, Tupac Shakur. So we know that the original to be in the relationship, is to continue to practice.

Will Smith, who recorded the breakfast club Power show about marriage, said he wasn't a jealous husband, but he had been in the past.

Jada Pinkett Smith is a high school friend with American hip-hop musician and poet Tupac Shakur, and the two have a deep relationship. Tupac also wrote a poem dedicated to Jada, which read: You are my heart of humanity / You are a friend I can never be replaced with.

In 1996, however, Tupac Shakur was shot on his way home and died at the age of 25. "I've lost a lot," Jada said in an interview. My best friends don't last for 30 or even 25. A lot of people are talking about my relationship with Tupac, and I would say that losing him is the biggest regret of my life. 」

So when the host asks Will Smith, will he be jealous of the relationship? He said bluntly: "I'll never be able to open my heart to Tupac, they grew up together, they loved each other, even though there was no sexual relationship between them." 」

Will Smith continued, "Tupac and I were in the same space for a while, and you know, if I hadn't talked to him, he wouldn't have come to talk to me." Even if Jada tried to get the two to form a friendship, it never succeeded.

"It's a great pity to be able to deal with this. "I'm deeply, deeply insecure, I'm not strong enough to handle this relationship, " he said. 」

Photo by Dazhi Images (Reuters)

Perhaps Will Smith's remark also points to the problems most people have in their relationships. We tend to hide our anger, jealousy, worry, anxiety, and do not want to show it in front of the other half, so we gradually lose our sense of security and are afraid to deal with the crux.

But we also know from the way will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's marriage is run in the future that creating an ideal relationship requires constant communication and frankness, honesty about my fear, my insecurity, the feeling that I'm losing you, and then the two can make a difference together.

The real love is that they can solve problems together and then walk along hand in hand, as will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith do.