Relationship Diary: There is no ideal love, only their own intimate relationship. I met you, in between girls and women's age. There is a relationship between Joe and Rowley. We don't have to meet worldly expectations, we don't have to go into marriage, we know how to love.

I met you, in between girls and women's age.

Joe and Rowley met at a dance. The boy invited the girls to dance together on social occasions, after all, too inappropriate for Joe, she pulled the curtain of the small room, want to hide in another world.

When I first met Luo Li, it was here. Lowe has a natural curl, clear eyes, hands gently inserted in the pockets of his pants, looks a little weak. Joe, on the other hand, is sexual, challenging the worldly norms of girls, wherever they want to go, not caring about other people's eyes - why care.

It's no wonder that such a Joe,whose skirt has been burned through a hole. Rowley took Joe and said, Let's go dancing in the hallway, and no one will see what happens to your dress.

A bit of witty romance. Perhaps it is because of Luo Li's special, Joe did not see him as a normal boy, but willing to become to him.

It doesn't matter how elegant they are when you dance wild in the hallway, look out of the window and see other people. This narrow corridor is our world, and what happens everywhere else has nothing to do with us.

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Rowley was heartbroken. A girl like Joe, he is willing to be patient. And this relationship, not good love, he has to fumble, step by step to test. When Joe needs help, he'll come to the rescue, and Joe will give him a hug, and then there's no, just stop there.

Joe: You're such a good man! How can I thank you? 」
Luo Li: "I'll jump on me again, And I'm full of it." 」
- The original "Little Woman"

As he grew older, Luo Li began to worry, and Joe's resistance broke his heart.

"Joe, I've loved you since I knew you, and I can't restrain myself. Rowley chased Joe away. As before, Joe always walks ahead, head does not return, he follows her, he likes her elegant back and pace. It was Joe who took him to know a family in the horse district and led him out of that beautiful but empty house, so he was no longer lonely.

He's willing to give Joe what he can give, and he can give it, and Joe doesn't want it.

"If we were to get married, it would be a disaster. Joe says she doesn't like his up-to-class social circle, and he'll end up with enough to bury her in writing all day long. "We're going to be a feud." 」

Joe doesn't want to give up the future she wants for marriage. (Same show:"They" loves like Joe: I'm weak, I'm lonely, but I'm not going to be married)

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Rowley: Joe, I'll treat you well. 」
Joe: "No, I can't, No way." 」

Since Joe didn't live in the frame, their relationship didn't have to be. Not necessarily who to marry, who to marry who, we live their lives, from an early age to recognize each other's breath, occasionally rely on each other, understand each other's strange and lovely, no regrets.

We are each other's red and blue face, whether love or marriage is too heavy. I'm willing to love you in a friend's way, not to take any risk of losing you.

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Years later, they met again. When Joe finally faced up to the relationship, and one step later, Luo Li had become Joe's sister-in-law.

"You're right, Joe, we're not fit to be together. Rowley said to Joe. He's more mature, he looks like that, and so is his heart.

The handwritten letter to Luo Li did not reach Luo Li's hand after all. Perhaps Joe is some regret, but not a pity, after all, she knows their feelings for Luo Li, is the sublimation of friendship, but always less than love.

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I am me, you are you. We missed a few times, but no one lived up to anyone.

That's so good, you're right.