"The Portrait of a Burning Woman", played as a negative group image, they are both the main character of the film, the actor, the record of action, but also the undertaker of the action. And the function of men is to identify, the world knows nothing about women's experiences and constantly misses.

She looked carefully - the arc of her ears, eyebrows, lips, hidden breath, watching carefully; she remembered her hand-to-hand posture, hurried sketching, and she knew when she would frown and when she would stare. She gradually developed, is a pair of painter's eyes, sharp and sharp, and later, that also became a pair of lovers' eyes, gentle and sentimental.

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"The Portrait of burning Woman" is a wild film.

Love so savage, climbing mountains, growing on the cliffs, that there have been people down the cliff edge of suicide, become their love of the new place, a fire, we do not want to go back, stay here, you say good?

The story begins with Marion taking over the portrait-drawing mission, which is difficult, because Eloise doesn't give a painting, she doesn't want to replace her sister's fate, how can you imagine that a portrait will determine your marriage and life. In the middle of the day, only for those few hours of walking, she felt a little freedom. Eloise was the one who was watched, the one pictured, the one who was decided, and she chose to look back and kiss back.

The moment she decided to love her, Eloise felt finally in control of his own destiny.

Burning negative group images, the world knows nothing about women

"I've always wanted to do this. 」
"Want to die?" 」
"Want to run." 」

Not so much "Burning Woman's Portrait" depicts lesbian love, but rather the whole film embodies strong negative colors and group images - this is negative frolic, negative exploration, negative identification, experience, negative utopia. From Marion's interchangeable eyes with Eloise, to the maid's attempt to abort her baby, to the play-offs of the wilderness, the woman is the subject of the film, the wildfirethat that grows on the island, the actor, the actor, the record of the action, and the undertaker of the action.

Photo: "Portrait of a Burning Woman"

The maid's artificial birth scene, the dim light, her head leaning against the new child, experienced her baby farewell from the birth canal, she closed her eyes in pain, Eloise said to Marion, You don't look, you see. At night, they repeat the scene, and Marion writes down through drawing notes - the experience of women, through word-of-mouth, writing paintings, sharing experiences, in the midst of the fire, passed down.

Men are functional characters in movies, perhaps boatmen or pickers, or husbands who never appear. The male function is to identify the world's ignorance of women's experiences and to constantly miss out.

One of the scenes to the end, honest as contemporary. Marion, who is exhibiting in the name of her father, paints the moment opby sings between Orpheus and Olitis, and the moment she is about to part, is her experience and the angle of no one's choice. A male viewer gave a high praise, indicating that this was a major breakthrough in his father's artistic creation, and Marion said that the painting was drawn by me, and that the man's face had a swashthy look. Women are talented, the world is not love.

"Burning Women's Portraits" uses the film's perspective, the strokes created by women, and also gives women the respect and tolerance they deserve for their experience.

It's the painter's eyes, it's the lover's eyes, it's the woman's eyes.

"Is freedom a man?" 」
"When I'm alone, I feel freedom in what you say, and I feel that you don't exist. 」

Miss in French, it's tu me manques, you're not with me, so you miss it. It was the first time Eloise threw a straight shot past Marion. She felt that it was not only a pair of painter's eyes, but also a pair of lovers' eyes.

Their love begins with eye exchange.

Eyes are so close, eyes see through secrets, so Marion says, "When you're shy, you bite your lips, and you don't blink when you're angry." She didn't think about it, and Eloise was looking at her, "When you don't know what to say, you touch your forehead, when you feel embarrassed, you gasp with your mouth, and I'm staring at you as you stare at me." 」

It is a pair of women's eyes, but also lover's eyes. Women's eyes recognize the same kind, oppression in the name of love, the role of you and me, we are not really free; (Recommended reading: Love is your fingertips, eyes and nose!) "Because Love You" lesbian love and female rebellious)

Photo: "Portrait of a Burning Woman"

They talked about orpheus of Greek mythology at night, saying that since he had gone to hell to plead, he had turned back at the last minute. Is it a matter of giving up? Or are you worried? Eloise said, will not, is actually a lover call edgy, look back at me, so that our love can stop at this poetic moment. It seems to prophesy, perhaps, but also their parting.

At night, her hands slid slowly across her waistline, and she took them together for the night with her nude portraits, and on page 28 of the book, leaving a dark sign - the me under the picture is looking at you. The interweaving and intertextofing of love.

So they ended up with all eyes, retourne-toi. Back, they have decided, back, in fact, is to say goodbye to the meaning, reluctant, that how, but want to see you for the last time.

Photo: "Portrait of a Burning Woman"

They met again. Once in a painting, she holds her son, the other hand carrying a book, the title of the book stopped at twenty-eight pages, half of her time has moved forward, half of her time did not go forward.

another time in the theatre. Marion didn't call her, she looked at her from afar, as she had known her in the first place. Look at her eyebrows, look at her bite the lower lip, see her tears, see her last smile, hide the breath, watch carefully, her serious look is as beautiful as before, she knows Eloise did not forget. And Eloise finally heard Marion's mouth said the symphony, understand that the music is as rich as love, she thought of Marion, feel that they have loved, so they have been completed - love is short but beautiful, enough to contend with the long life.